Uncle Roger HATE Jamie Oliver Thai Green Curry

Birt 1 ágú 2021
Uncle Roger react to Jamie Oliver making Thai green curry. How he do? Let's see, let's see...

Original weejio: isprofile.info/pac/sKWkkKKHeGGYooM/v-deo.html

Thanks to nephew James ( saltbyjames ) for helping with the research!

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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe
Written by: saltbyjames ( saltbyjames ), Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees

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  • I would not feel bad if he just ditched the word "Thai". It might be a green curry. But no way near thai green curry.

  • this is my first video of uncle roger and I'm already in love 😂

  • Jamie Oliver introduced me to @lovelulu and @iamshuhanlee for authentic Asian cooking. Jamie’s style is all about getting busy and/or lazy people into the kitchen, cooking something easy instead of bung in the oven ready meals.

  • Jamie Oliver green curry looks like Malaysian Masak Lemak dishes.

  • Who told jamie oliver he could cook

  • kenapa dia buang biji chili

  • I used to think Jamie was a good cook but now i am not so sure anymore. Thank you Uncle Roger for bringing me into the Light.

  • What a disrespect calling that Thai food.

  • Im sorry but 1why would you use so few chilis then deseed them and 2 who wants a huge hunk of mushroom (or anything else) in a meal, they were almost as big as a plate

  • omg Jamie Olive Oil...I'm gonna call him that from now on

  • mangetou taste like crippling depression

  • Hahahaha

  • Look, that's not Thai green curry.

  • "The nice thing about this Thai Green Curry is it's... kinda random."

  • Did he not clean the rice?

  • Looks like vomits, no im srs, someone ate it with milk and puked it out.

  • Bruh who eat curry with mushroom ;-; that make me throw up cuz im in malaysia never eat mushroom with curry cuz that never been good :(

  • I absolutely love watching uncle roger losing his sh*t watching Jamie Oliver's cooking.😌💖

  • Give Jamie Oliver s award if he can eat his own cooked food. Without acting like it actually taste good.

  • jamies food is worst than my grades lmao

  • 10:07 As a south asian I'm sorry but if that is curry then I've gotten something wrong

  • wheres ur ramen uncle

  • I agree that not the way green curry made well gordon ramsay made a better one

  • I agree that not the way green curry made well gordon ramsay made a better one

  • Jamie, you're giving Aroger a headache again.... and god help Let me tell you first that I'm Thai and if my mom or aunt cooks green curry like Jamie does.. I will definitely run away from home.....

  • This is just karma taking effect for what we Thai people do with Italian food over here.

  • I love when he breaks character and just uses his normal voice

  • I wouldn’t hate this as a dish, I’d make a few changes to how you cook it, and some of the ingredients but overall I can see this being something I’d possibly like. But trying to say it’s a Thai Green curry is just a disgrace to Thai Cooking.

  • I am Thai and I feel offended now by Jamie's "Green Curry". Nobody EVER puts mushroom in curry what the hell is thattt

  • เห็ดเต็มหม้อเลย คิดว่าต้มเห็ด Haiya

  • Watching Jamie make tis green curry reelly make me say ga-lan-gaw!!

  • "He the Usain bolt of fuccin up!"

  • It is for home cooking. Not for Thai people in Thailand that have all fresh ingredients

  • Yess review carbonara hahahahahah

  • I'm sorry Chef Jamie it looks like laksam to me fnfkfkdksla

  • Jamie Oliver cooks like me. I dont know how to cook..

  • At 12:36, he just has a totally other voice and broke out of character? 😅

  • I'm thai I'm so sad 😔😔

  • You hit 4M

  • อะไร

  • I asked my mom to buy fish sauce in nearby grocery stores and she came home with nothing because she said there's only squid sauce 😂😂she misunderstood the squid which supposed to a brand , is a sauce itself hahahaha


  • ขอบคุณลุงโรเจอร์ ที่รีแอคแทน

  • Jamie Oliver is the bane of my existence. How did he even finish cooking school? My cooking teacher makes fun of him all the time and I don't blame him

  • How the hell is fish sauce vegetarian?

  • 55555ชอบๆ

  • eggplant does not look like a pea

  • He forgot to wash the rice haia.

  • I'm Thai and I saw it.....ok

  • yes yes review his Italian dishes!!!

  • When I'm realizing that even my curry is better than Jamie Olivier's


  • isprofile.info/pac/iWymaal2n3u3eKE/v-deo.html

  • ดี👍🤭

  • Tropical? Haha

  • Veggie fish sauce?... I love the vegetarian logic of fish not being meat

  • Jamie did it again. Didn’t use rice cooker, I jumped up my chair to see it

  • สวัสดีครับ

  • Mushroom sweat green smoothie

  • If Uncle Roger puts down the "Foot of Disappointment" It means you fucked up.

  • They're Thai's people made Green curry with Jamie's recipe. isprofile.info/pac/rmxtXnNisJedsHc/v-deo.html

  • Haiya

  • This is a hate crime. I’ve never had Thai green curry or even seen it before this video and I knew it wasn’t even close to being right.

  • "Just that little sprinkle of cumin not gonna do shit" XD

  • (8:55) "Vegetarian Fish Sauce"? There's no such thing as vegetarian fish sauce. Maybe "imitation" fish sauce is a thing, but not *vegetarian* fish sauce.

  • Hahahahahah , bravo uncle Roger very good show.. I like your video's keep going uncle 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👑😂😂

  • Sorry Jamie's children lamo

  • #jamieoliver just bullshit all the way

  • Mokey

  • Jamie Olive oil Make Green mushroom soup 555

  • Seeds don't really have the capsaicin, the placental tissue that holds them does.

  • Uncle Roger, Nephew Dinaal subscribe to Jamie channel. you watch his western recipes not eastern recipes. east recipe suck. hhaaaaiiiiiiiyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why you weak uncle roger why always view eastern dish never western food. Why so weak

  • So is Jamie making Thai curry or a salad. And quick question where does Jamie Oliver get the recipe from he can’t just look at a picture of a dish and said “ oh ok it need to be like this” can he?

  • the worst vegetable to uncle roger is like: Man, get out of my sight. And that's how Mangetout is created.

    • thanks

    • You are absolutely right! I never thought about that until you mentioned it! Fuiyoh!!!

  • oh mắm tôm

  • That meal looks like something That comes out of my mouth after a hard night on the alcohol

  • first, you put unwashed rice into a pot without a rice cooker putting salt on ur rice while cooking? haiyah then you put ginger not galangal into FOOD PROCESSOR not using PESTLE MORTAR haiyah failure then spank the lemongrass on the table haiyah then 3 chilies not enough haiyah too much shallots too much coriander haiya, metal spoon on non-stick pan? haiya first five minutes make so much mistake haiya, no wonder I hear my ancestors crying

  • if I did this at home My mom will beat me to death.

  • Teach how to make Thai green curry isprofile.info/pac/npx8eqOgp4edgG4/v-deo.html

  • คนไทยไม่ถูกใจสิ่งนี้

  • This is whiter than the colour white 🤢

  • As a thai is real PAIN.

  • Jamie Oliver is for entertaining white women that don’t know the difference.

  • หมดกันของโปรด 😖

  • Cam you do reviews on egg drop soup?

  • The green comes from lots coriander and peas …I can’t even image how the meal taste like, holy moly

  • I'm Thai, we don't eat green curry like this. Because it's not green curry. We threw it in the trash because it was too bad for us to eat.😂😂👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • The sad thing is that Jamie Oliver has a huge fallowing and he can't even make an omlet right, but he trys to do other dishes....

  • Thai people like us can't accept it.

  • Please do yourself a favor and watch Jamies video at .25 playback speed. He sounds so drunk, lol.

  • HAIYAHH in disappointment

  • Jamie = Shut up! Uncle Roger = Thumbs up!

  • This is my first time seeing uncle roger being so sad

  • I am one of the Thai people who likes to eat green curry very much. Green curry is my favorite food. When I came to watch this clip, I couldn't explain it right. 5555😂

  • I need more Jamie Oliver videos just like how he need MSG in his dishes.

  • ใครตามมาจาก ฮาเกต5555

  • jaime has the opposite of imposter syndrome

  • As a Thai I feel offended by his cooking 💀

  • He have less leg to put down to represent the sadness

  • Ungle Roger, I feel your pain so so so much.....glad that we have someone like you to make the rest of the world realise these so called celebrity chef hv no clue about our food at all....