Birt 21 mar 2021
Niece and nephew, go watch Nephew Nigel podcast clip ➡️

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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe ( frankielowe... )
Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees ( morgantherees )

Uncle Roger is the creation of UK-based comedian Nigel Ng.

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  • Hallo niece and nephew! Check out Nephew Nigel podcast ➡️

    • Nigella is the worst cook I ever noticed

    • You are the man uncle roger,but that ramen dont look like real Ramen

    • Bro how do u even come up with this shit 😂😭💀

    • Uncle Roger For President 2024

    • Love your channel and videos

  • Choi oiiii

  • MeeCROWwayvay (Microwave)

  • This bloke is insufferable. He’s the Bill Maher of home cooks 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Uncle Roger can make me Ramen ;)

  • Uncle Roger : Third leg Captions : *dirt lick*

  • Uncle Roger truly knows The Wae of Ramen

  • When she said radishes were the food of the gods, she specifically meant the Radish Spirit, from the movie Spirited Away. She’s after his thick, meaty radish.

  • 5:27

  • “Gods don’t like radishes, gods like mAgiC wHiTe PoWdEr” - Uncle Roger 2021

  • "Of course he is a he" "He" can be a "she", a "it", a "shehe", a "sheesh"... Don't jump of so fast to cis hetero asian people prejudices Haiyaaa... :/

  • It was all planned the angel was certainly planned do we can't focous at her mistakes

  • Cook/English teacher


  • Bro what is dat radish


  • I'm surprised his space bar isn't broken yet. The way he spams it.

  • Hallo uncle roger my name is TAR

  • We have nigelng and nigella Perfect match

  • Nigella Lawson: 'Radish' Food of the gods . Me: Murdered neighbor to eat meat in hell. Uncle Roger: Uncle Roger approve.

  • Ramen of Jp is boring. Actually they have the soup from the ton of meat and bone of pork or beef. The water like milk color. Well that kind of broth make it expensive not make it yummy China broth is ok. You from china You need to know it lah China broth can live without MSG And VN broth cant alive without seafood fermante I think You eat the beef slow cooker soup of the west already Well to the west that is the only soup they have Cooking is all about small tips make diffirent things. You can turn yr kitchen become a lab to find out yrself like I did. Well it cost a lot of money but You can know many things

  • but uncle roger you are the dirty personnnn

  • I'm so hungry for ramen Uncle Roger I want free ramen as compensation

  • Nigella wèishénme yào screw bok choi? Tāa nǎozi lǐ dàodǐ zài xiǎng shénme? Aiyah!

  • Unfle roger wants her to sir with his one chopstick.

  • Malaysia Boleh

  • After watching Jamie Olivers fried rice this doesn’t look half bad

  • Uncle Roger savagely talking about Nigela's nose candy problem. Love it.

  • Uncle Roger you're so naughty naughty!! Haaiyaaa😂😂

  • laugh to die on mi-cro-wa-ve.....

  • Ha ha by the time you finish cutting there will be covid 20...ha ha

  • And now I have a crush on Nigella

  • Uncle Roger you made this video in 2021. There will be no covid20 until 2120. Did you mean Covid22?

  • Me-crow-wa-vey

  • Bro this lady she’s not that great as a cook but everybody loves her including man because she’s so freaking sexy !! that way she talks ? Damn!! Haha I never watch any cook shows but my girlfriends always tells me why do you watch this with me???😂

  • MSG is bad Not hate loooooove your channel

  • Simultaneously laughing so hard at Uncle Roger's commentary and getting pissed off with Nigella's 'ramen' :D

  • I'm hungry now. Gonna order some good Ramen for dinner!!

  • This kitchen is so good its not for making food but making babies 😂😂

  • "by the time you finish cutting there will be covid 20" 😅😭

  • MILF: Mother I Like to Fry Rice For. You are too much OMG

  • When we watch nigella, we don't watch her cooking skills. Hahaha

  • Colander.

  • I'm laughing while I'm watching😂😂😂 Uncle Roger Commented in this video good job Uncle Roger

  • but instant shin ramen tastes very good; what was cook here probably have no flavor

  • hahahahahahah Its not for cooking Its for making baby.

  • Daily Bible reminder: Christ has set us free!

  • the spork killed me

  • She did better than Jamie at least

  • The soft core porn music all through her video was killing me with Uncle Roger reviewing in the background. Perfect! XD

  • I have heard uncle roger say sus... I have completed my mission here on earth

  • Haiyaaa

  • no flawor

  • Nigella is so beautiful and elegant.


  • Wrong angle of the camera kept my third leg alive , sorry children 👶

  • tbh nigella is hot 🥵🔥

  • 7:04 There is also Thai white soy sauce.

  • Uncle Roger can you make one tone soup 😅🤣😂 for me take a lot weeks finish eating the soup 🍲 why ?

  • ขายความสวยเเหละดูออก..😆😆😆

  • 11:34 that change, the deeper voice and the English... Didn't expect that... 😮

  • Yes it's food for god. Rabbit god. Checkmate

  • at 0:30 when uncle roger said "he review thing also", my dirty mind was like, "which thing? that thing?? nephew nigel review that thing???" SORRY CHILDREN!

  • Camera man knew what he was doing

  • Dude give ya that roast , I love ramen , that was pro way of how to scewit up, for me ramen is skill, ether you have it or not and the outcome was obvious.

  • tiny chinese phone: micro huawei

  • 5:09 sorry children

  • You're terrible at the chinese accent. Way too exaggerated.

  • The noodles are definitely wrong, the noodles are cooked in its own broth then drained before put into the bowl. she put waaay to much bok choy in it, and Japanese ramen shop in the history of Earth has put radish in Ramen. Then she forgot about the bamboo shoots... This lady should have spent more time going to ramen restaurants instead of saying "its too noisy".

  • Im stil tying to figure out if the guy from “rice to meet you” is uncle roger himself or if he has a tin

  • Because she is white, that’s why her noodle is white

  • and also i was laughing more when u played the outtakes more than the actual video

  • u always cheer me up when im depressed and u always make me laugh thank u so much for ur weejios

  • Mi-kro-wa-vehhh hahaa so cute

  • I cannot make ramen but I can make omelette

  • Who are you to judge the QUEEN 👑

  • Mother I like to f Reid rice for 🌚

  • She's basically so posh that she makes ordinary posh people seem like peasants from the Middle Ages. People who use the word "décolletage" in an English sentence are so full of themselves that they probably should refer to themselves in the 3rd person.

  • Those outtakes, jesus Nigel . Haha

  • I thought uncle Roger would say my nephew Nigel should be with Nigella

  • my mom would smack me if I use one chopstick even for stirring purpose only. she said what comes in pair should only used in pair.

  • I actually can confirm is MSG is food of God because i am actually God

  • the way uncle roger pause the video

  • Its alright without msg....natural food is better......

  • "I've been told in no uncertain terms that no Japanese person would EVER make ramen at home." ... ... ... My host mother made ramen for me multiples times while I was living in Japan, so I have no idea what she is talking about...

  • The Covid-20 joke aged well

  • I don’t take physics in school but I know if I put the lid on it’ll boil faster, LMAO

  • bok chow: is pronounced bok choy niece nigella: BaK ChOy

  • lol me see ing how is the ramen then it took me 1 min jut to know breh u dirty roger

  • My Indomie Seasoning Better than her.

  • U

  • to be honest, sometimes i cant be bothered to make those extreme ramen broths so i usually ended up with soba+mentsuyu or those basic ass ramen that will take 1 hour to make at most.

  • Am I the only person who noticed that's not baby Bok Choy it's Shanghai Bok Choy

  • Wtf the white noodle is that????

  • Fastest Roman ever what happened to the marinated pork belly.

  • I like how he said COVID-20 even tho he made this in 2021

  • I don't know what she made. Some kind of British noodle soup dish but it isn't ramen. What kind of celebrity chef can't even use chopsticks?

  • this is mie ayam, not a ramen -_-

  • Aku suka apa yang kamu bilang. I am a men but please, send me cho stick

  • I love how I know what he means and you say sorry children