Uncle Roger Review CRAZY ITALIAN CHEF Egg Fried Rice

Birt 8 ágú 2021
Uncle Roger challenged Vincenzo's Plate to make egg fried rice. Here's what he did! Can this Italian chef do egg fried rice justice?

Original weejio from @Vincenzo's Plate : isprofile.info/pac/e3ucpImAiomeqqU/v-deo.html

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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe
Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees

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  • Didnt you like the way I wash the rice? I love that motion 🤣🤣🤣 I knew you made a comment about the rice cooker. I need more subscribers so I can buy the same one you have 🤌 love you Uncle Roger Ps I love talking to the older ladies at the shop. Next time I have to ask if they work there 🤣🤣🤣

    • @BUGGETA 69 🤏 dis smol

    • Yo pp smol

    • Vinçenzo you are great and funny man. I wish you all the best 👏👏👏

    • Hmm

    • @Kryptex 🤌tf is this

  • 1:21 a day old rice saved in a fridge is a superior variant of rice to be tossed on a pan to make fried rice.

  • Anyone else eating rice watching uncle Roger XD?

  • hey i noticed that he made the garlic small before putting it into wok, nice XD

  • “Ok ok too much too much”- woah

  • Uncle roger on 8:54 " i can almost smell it from here Me to lol

  • "Whisk Whisk Whisk" XD XD XD

  • 啊,有中国人吗

  • 6:58 in my country we don't even use chopsticks we do it by hand

  • Uncle Roger also being ONCE fuiiyoohh 🤣

  • Another white person with student rice cooker here 🤣

  • R.I.P. MSG overdose 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Uncle Roger and Rice Cooker. Still a better love story than Twilight ! 😇💞

  • I’m stuck with an induction stove… I miss using normal fire stove..

  • Maybe he has a crush on uncle Roger....

  • "Just get baby elephant rice cooker" *Costs Hundreds $$$* Yeah I think I'll be stuck with my saucepan for a while lol

  • If it is not salty to him, he probably does not have taste buds

  • Left over rice is a high salmonella carrier from what ive heard too. I worked at a mexican restaurant and we never kept rice over night due to that

  • I have both induction and gas stoves. Am I a traitor to gas stoves?

  • This went from rivals to friends. Now I want them in the same room making a Egg Fried Rice and Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Fusion

  • 9:13 his imagination 10:33 That's good (2x)... THAT'S ENOGUH SLICES!

  • MORE wonderful cooking advice from Uncle Roger! We love you, Uncle Roger!

  • Im wondering how Nigel would react to a Norwegian traditional dish called "Smalahåve" which is, lets just say a sheep dish🤣

  • When you complained about the rice cooker…I felt that…because I have that one… … But then I remembered that I actually am just a student (safed…)

  • Hahaha..... I think no body can eat that fried rice, too salty, too oily n too much msg

  • not gonna taste it hahaha! must be super salty

  • sesame oil has such a strong flavor that the amount he used scares me.

  • 1:35 that's literally Nang Huong Rice, Vietnamese rice 😌

  • Uncle roger:fried rice and everything in life is about balance Also uncle roger: just throw why measure haiya

  • Sad I love the Italian chef commentary but that amount of MSG literally will make me puke.

  • uncle roger you really need to react this chef make a lot of portion of egg fried rice in just a wok! isprofile.info/pac/iJyGeZWaa5iYr60/v-deo.html

  • He's pouring the soy sauce.. Me: Okay nice He's pouring more... Me: Okay thats a bit too much Still pouring more.. Me: oh god SSSTOOOPP!!! And this happen again on sesame oil and MSG 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Review quang tran

  • "u try to make egg fried rice, not remake narcos" XD

  • As an south east asian kids. My parents always going to work, the first success dish that i made is fried rice haha 😂, because it easy to make and the ingredients is easy to find.

  • Hi Uncle Roger, congrats on all your videos, love them. I challenge you to invent something new, like I did on yeet YV. My invention, Pantoast will go worldwide eventually - it is that good. If you could help our channel out in any way we would be very grateful.

  • You got a very nice voice, I mean your Original voice Uncle Roger 😁

  • (7:55) Uncle Roger, if you can see glowing red heating elements on the stovetop, it's NOT an induction stove! It's just a smooth radiant cooktop.

  • I eating egg fried rice, while uncle roger reviewegg friend rice

  • I commented on a reddit post one time that your suppose to wash rice so that its not sticky. Someone tried to make me look stupid and whent “no you wash rice because doorty rice” i can tell they some white guy who think they asian after watching uncle roger

  • I make this dish using a Dutch oven with fresh rice, hot off the stove, and about 10 ingredients.

  • 那個味精跟醬油是要死人喔😂

  • Black and blue wife hiyaaaa

  • What dose MSG stand for?

  • I thought 7 is the unlucky number to Chinese.

  • I have induction sove and fire stove as well

  • Ironic I’ve been following the two of you for over a year. Had no idea you would connect, but hilarious. Outtakes need more of your natural voice.

  • Uncle roger : onions are for poor people Me : you little shi- Another one Uncle roger : no asian use whisk they use chopsticks Me: but.. im asian and use fork or a whisk

  • why is every soy sauce that I buy not very salty at all?

  • I thought he was Japanese

  • My hart is empty like the fridge 😂😂😂

  • Uncle Roger is so humorous

  • Ha ha ha ha funny guy the video TV.

  • 2:34 can I have a massage in my shoulder?

  • Uncle Roger please review Nino's home Uncle Roger fried rice

  • Did Uncle Roger just admit to slapping his food? I thought that was a no no?

  • That's Vietnamese rice ))))))

  • "So simple...But wrong as shit." This had me rolling xD

  • Haiya never gets old

  • Uncle Roger, I'm white and have used a rice cooker for decades - had to learn to do it on the stove when it died and had to buy a new one... LOL

  • 3:13 sorry kid

  • You should review this one next! French chef living in Quebec. isprofile.info/pac/p36NpZSLlai6bmY/v-deo.html

  • He scared me with the chili jam for a second 😂

  • This guys pizza episode is wild. You’re welcome.

  • You need to cover the name and not speak it like a virus. Why sponsor you if you add them up for free all the time.

  • My tounge go numb after see he put that much soy sauce, and msg 🤢

  • My plend stupid can you slap it uncle roger

  • Wok should be the only thing which looks black and blue not your wife. SAVAGE

  • 0:25 when your family is full of prostitutes

  • If you swirl the rice around in a circle, you will break the grains against the container. You want to wash rice against rice to ensure intact grains so his way is better, although between the hands is best.

  • Empty like Paris Hilton's fridge on breakfast day lmao 🤣 love you Nigel!

  • 7:44 "Wok is the only thing you wanna see black and blue, not your wife" Me: "What if i don't have a wife? -sighs-"

  • I need a rice cooker for my birthday

  • 0:37 mista fear number 4 was so popular they made it into real thing

  • i hate that salty rice wtf

  • 这吃了不得齁死啊!要命…哎呀…

  • There’s so much oil in the fried rice , America wants to invade it

  • Look at that amount of MSG. You will be drinking more water than what you have eaten after that 😅

  • Does Uncle Roger Reply??

  • if you finish eating that fried rice for sure you will fall as sleep

  • I can't imagine how taste it was with those amount of soy sauce ,sesame oil n msg. Salty may be 🤣🤣🤣

  • 这蛋炒饭要命

  • Whoever eats this fried rice won't live long xD

  • You come to India hear no vegetable sad.

  • Lu kompom ker masuk syurga bro..😂😂 jokes..

  • I'm thai people and I cook egg fried rice with plam oil egg rice and MSG with chicken or pig testy...... that's all i need in my egg fried rice it very easy way to cook that it the rush hour or may be you just lazy haha

  • Watching collaboration from the entertainers like these two men just warm my heart and make me a biggest smile. Hat off to them!

  • :)

  • Uncle Roger, you should review the Peruvian plate "Aeropuerto'. It's a fried rice variant that is super tasty and i know you are going to have fun watching!

  • Omg waaaay too much msg n soy sauce 😭😭😩msg going to make your hair fall off😩😭😭

  • I actually saw a bunch of Korean cooks on ISprofile using whisks rather than chopsticks to beat the eggs 🤭

  • 2:37 Bruh

  • vincenzo 1st human on planet to make uncle roger say "too much msg". MAD respect to the legend.

  • Uncle roger: There’s no such thing as too much msg Uncle roger also:Haiyaaaa too much msg

  • Haiya if u use sambal oelek it will be Indonesian, and if u use sambal belacan it will be Malaysian fried rice. Depend of ur taste

  • Pls React to Nick Digiovanni's Egg Fried Rice

  • Nerd roger earns his living from youtube. Beggar.

  • I thing it is unhealthy

  • Hilarious

  • hahahahahaha