Uncle Roger Review NICK DIGIOVANNI Ramen (Masterchef Finalist)

Birt 16 maí 2021
Italian Uncle Roger clip ➡️ isprofile.info/pac/bZ2mXp6okIOwZpk/v-deo.html

Original weejio on @Nick DiGiovanni 's channel: isprofile.info/pac/oXhpqpeijpbXbqE/v-deo.html

Nick Digiovanni make ramen. Will he be better than Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver? Nephew Nick is masterchef finalist. So many cool recipes on his channel. Go give him a follow!

Big thank you to James from Matsudai Ramen for helping out with research! If you're in the UK and want home ramen kits delivered, follow him on: matsudairamen

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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe ( frankielowe... )
Written by: Nigel Ng, Morgan Rees ( morgantherees ) and James from Matsudai Ramen ( matsudairamen )

Uncle Roger is the creation of UK-based comedian Nigel Ng.

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  • Wow! I’ll take a 4/5. Will work on pronunciation and broth next time. Thanks uncle roger ♥️

    • Uncle Roger approves

    • E

    • soul nick soul. put your soul inti the food. japanese food is art and soul. you gootta visit japan to learn a real thing.

    • Doesn't matter how you pronounce it, as long as people understand you.

    • F

  • He's doing a secret jutsu with those hand movements

  • But can he impress naruto

  • "Don't spank you're dinner, get a room and spank your girlfriend"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 😁😂😁😂😁

  • Yes daddy dip me in Fish Sauce

  • Uncle Roger - If you have put chicken wings , Pork ,Duck So why don't you put elephant wings in there to Me - 🤣🤣🤣🤣so true

  • Honestly, I think Nick nailed it with the pork belly. It looks so good!

  • You should review Pro Home Cooks' ramen recipe!!


  • There should be a day to appreciate ramen

  • I would like to try my hand at ramen. But I have trouble wrapping my mind around a single dish that takes a week to prep and cook everything.

  • Hc😴😴

  • The only time I like Nigel is when he breaks up the character to say "Sorry Children"

  • 6 minutes 9 seconds Nice

  • damn roger, u r spot on about all the mistakes made... totally agree

  • This video is so haram man.

  • the "sorry children" part makes me laugh so hard and cry

  • When Uncle Roger Says:”Dude Dont Spank Your Dinner Spank Your Gf In Your Bed ! Me When He Said That:”Wait,Thats Illegal

  • Hey Uncle Roger I think it is funny when you speak in we speak in your native language but which one is it is a Japanese Chinese Korean Korean And then all of a sudden when you said sorry children it sounded like you had an American accent

  • I can't with the kpop reference in every video

  • 5:20

  • Best commentary ever!

  • This guy is gay for food 🤢

  • oh wow fun fact I apparently understand more than I thought because I assumed it was a pork cutlet ramen. Turns out I understand the language but I don't know ramen.

  • Was there a thirst comment episode?? I need it in my life 🤣🤣🤣

  • 6:35 Uncle Roger accent** that feels dirty

  • Italian

  • I'm 13 and I know what it's supposed to look like before I watched the video

  • The new uncle Roger camera angle Hands

  • 169k likes nice

  • In a near future: "alleged rapist cooking ramen". So cringy that guy.

  • Do you think that you the best Cook?You suk

  • This guy needs some advice because his suedo sexy style. YUK YUK is so off putting it takes any interest you might have had with his cooking and blows it up. No career in this. Get some PR advice as soon as possible. Love you uncle Roger, you are naughty.

  • 😡 dont call nick a babyface

  • I'm not happy

  • Egg need to fresh 5 minute and 20 sec

  • They never wash the meat.... wao... they never wash the meat


  • His broth look like garbage chute in Death Star haiyaaa

  • Whoaaaaaa how did you say sorry children in an American accent

  • Uncle Roger: "Don't torch your pork next to the egg" Also Uncle Roger: Burning the Nori while blow torching his Chashu 😂😂😂

  • I think using duck to make flavour instead of chicken isn't a good idea because it give the different flavour even they are the same family as a fowl.

  • Nick I making ramen for uncle roger Roger no I don’t like Gordon fine I will do it myself Roger 😍😍

  • So dumb, he needs to actually learn to cook first

  • konbu and okaka reminds me of inumaki

  • Is this the guy who cried cause that other guy didn’t hire him? Teeheeee

  • You can become mr bean of Asia

  • Ran across your channel. Wish I hadn't. Horrible. Plus your accent is fake and your not funny.

  • You accidently repeated sodium bicarbonate twice

  • im sorry i bet his fans like it but all the sexual innuendos are just cringy asf and also seem very forced

  • How would Uncle Roger make Miso ramen from naruto?

  • when did he use that brinjal (eggplant) in the recipe? why did he even buy it?

  • 4:18 4:58 5:08 5:32

  • “Don’t spank your dinner, get room and spank your girlfriend instead” 😂 -Uncle roger 2021

  • Why do you speak Italian just like super Mario?

  • HoddosyiTkg

  • Hj

  • @mrnigelng


  • 7:44 uncle roger is reading someone’s fortune.


  • isprofile.info/pac/nYisZahrjZi-mYc/v-deo.html this is not a Rick roll

  • isprofile.info/pac/nYisZahrjZi-mYc/v-deo.html this is not a Rick roll

  • There isnt alot of things in this world that make me uncomfortable, but the shot of nick poking that egg yolk.....that keeps me up at night.

  • White vinegar will keep it coagulated sure. So will the shell


  • “Torching your pork” sounds like an only fans kinda thing.

  • 😂😂😂

  • Dear uncle Roger nick always ways waves his hands because he is fluent in hand language

  • Broth looks amazing actually, a bit greasier sure perhaps but more flavorful.

  • He thought he did something

  • The broth should look like.....soy milk.

  • I believe in the recipe from the authentic Japanese chef only.

  • Apologies u said f word

  • @mrnigelng please roast the vegan teacher

  • oh my god, uncle roger totally destroyed nephew nick 🤣🤣😂

  • There is no such thing as elephant wing uncle roger

  • haiyaaa

  • No such thing as too much meat.... Uncle roger

  • Uncle Roger Sus

  • Sorry children 😆

  • 1:01 NONONO not TON KOT SU とん(ton) こ(ko) つ(tsu) Let's read it again Ton Ko Tsu

  • side note: when are we getting uncle roger emojis or stickers? the reactions and grossed out faces is EVERYTHING

  • why do people not wash their meat before using it? gross /also LMAO how did uncle roger catch the 69 joke so fast? I didn't even realize

  • Auditioning to bangbros.. checked!!

  • I like would like you to review this one. Wamwea Global Chef. Removing bones from ribs. Very easy

  • ur accent is not real uncle

  • Uncle Roger is roasting out chefs

  • 2:06 Hmm hmmm intresting

  • Why a huge chunk of raw Inoki mushrooms😆

  • Uncle Roger is so hilarious, he’s like an Asian version of Gordon Ramsay.


  • It looks like Uncle Roger is the Asian Gordon Ramsay

  • Tonkastu tonkastu TONKASTU

  • Uncle Roger's face is smoother than Nick's. I doubt he has to shave :)

  • fish sauce is nước mắm

  • never search up bbc

  • Uncle roger help me idk what to do I love instant ramen noodles but you say I'm not supposed to help pls

  • I hate you!!😍 You are not a chef!! To tell how to cook ✌️ He knows what he is doing!!