Birt 6 jún 2021
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Remember niece and nephew, this comedy weejio, don't leave mean comment on her page! Be nice!

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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe
Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees

Uncle Roger is the creation of UK-based comedian Nigel Ng.

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  • Remember, this just comedy weejio. Be nice to Kay!

  • “White Rice matter” had me weak

  • feeding pig time 🙃

  • Uncle Roger, why are you supposed to use left over rice instead of fresh? I never knew that

  • this is the most sad thing lol

  • 5:26 the time I watch this I was literally cooking porridge for mom

  • white rice matter-uncle roger

  • I’m not even a Chef and I know she’s cooking it wrong

  • Uncle Roger should go visit and cook some fried rice with her! like he did with BBC. That would be the ultimate story of tragedy, sorrow and redemption. Then they can play 'We are the champions' in the background.

  • "last time you got shot but this time you only got stabbed" lol

  • I want to see you cook-w-Kay

  • Kay probably worst cooker ever tbh 🤣

  • At least she cooked the rice this time

  • She allowed the rice boil too long without a lid.

  • Looks like risotto

  • Haiyyya,why does this girl torture rice

  • Haiyaa this fried rice is a rissoto

  • When i see the lumpy rice i throw up like hell i even need to eat again

  • 5:15 I'd gladly take that as shit

  • Special sad sludge lmaoooooo

  • Lol 😂

  • i smacked the button like my mom does me and broke my phone

  • Uncle Roger willing to eat a bowl of her special rice if promises to never try again?😂😂😂

  • I'm waiting for your promise to cooking with Kay.

  • 06:57 All hell broke loose

    • this was a joke btw I was sleepy and I couldn't see what I was commenting lmao

  • My ancestors aren't Asian but somehow this even breaks their hearts


  • White rice matters, I am dead lol

  • why the obsession with rice cookers? just use random boil-in-the-bag-rice, the cheap stuff will do nicely!

  • Kay made our ancestor cry again

  • You should try to contact her. Seems like she doesn't know ppl are laughing at her.

  • That's what we call dog food

  • คนเอเชียไม่ถูกใจสิ่งนี้

  • Uncle roger has left the chat when she pour the rice in 👁👄👁

  • Sad day for rice

  • 6:14

  • Hey You need to know west eat rice like we eat bread. Well not often. That why we dont have oven and they dont have rice cooker. Even we buy oven we buy small one. How I can I say? Well oven the best role when it help me reheat my pizza. It feel like oven is heaven. So If we dont have oven so dont force them have rice cooker. If You learn about Italy or france food well they cook it after merinate it 30 minutes and put it in oven. 9/10 dish they cook like that. Let understand culture lah.

  • And he never put his leg up again

  • I agree with uncle roger that pea is the worst vegetable;-;

  • I cry already

  • I thought she was making porridge at first lmao 😂

  • 5:18 😭😭😭😭wHo mAKe fRiERicE wIeTH pOoUreUge

  • Man I work in air co business and really loved your weejio. Send me an address. We shall send you, one nice air co, so you do not sweat so much. So you can make more weejio. Greetings from Poland. And send the address!

  • My fried rice rule No.1 (the most important one) use overnight rice!!!

  • I'm so happy even after we laugh a bit, you tell people not to be mean with her. We all deserve some love and respect, thanks uncle Roger. Someday I'll flight to the UK just to give you a hug

  • Is she doing that on purpose?

  • #wrm

  • I love to see kay,she has lovely look...💋💋💋

  • Who is aunty helen

    • @Hunny Hunny ohh ok I thought she was real

    • A fictional character of Uncle Roger's ex-wife

  • Haiyah this is bad man I show this to my mom and she say this kind of person wasted food but my Sister learn from Kay i say haiyah no wonder ur so bad at cooking food


  • I could cook rice better when I was in my mom

  • is not fried rice is pork porridge with pea

  • That's a BS fried Rice!

  • White rice matter should be an actual # ngl.

  • first she doesnt cook it, 2nd she drowns it... wtf people learn how to cook rice...

  • I like Kay weejio 😂

  • I got a popup add during this that said "are her membranes ruptured?" - yes...I think they are ☺

  • Uncle Roger is right in assuming there is an "obsession" with peas in the UK... I've had people inviting me for dinner and serving pasta with jar tomato sauce and peas...nothing else! Peas are the most lazy way to give greens to your children and in the UK people have been accustomed to use peas as it is very convenient as it comes in a bag and you can keep frozen so it won't go to waste... this has led to use peas in every meal but it is just lazyness and Ms Kay is a product of generations loosing their cooking skills and get disconnected from the processes of cultivating and preparing good food. This goes hand in hand with instant mash, instant gravy, baked beans, sliced white bread, etc...

    • luckily people are now more travelled and are earning more money so they are demanding better food. There is an explosion of food trucks with foods from all over the world allowing people to taste how food should really taste like and not a British version of it. Chefs in Britain have the habit of make foreign dishes british by mixing weird ingredients just to make dishes less threatening to british people but they don't realise they are not giving people the opportunity to discover new flavours. Lets hope people like Uncle Roger can make british people and chefs to be more authentic and try to learn properly how to cook foreign dishes rather than making a mess of them

  • This is just sad...


  • Please collab with Uncle Roger and cook fried rice TOGETHER!

  • I.... the first video made me wanna cry, this is somehow worse, so bad that I had to repress the emotion. She seems sweet but her rice is so wet it makes me sad. I'm some random white girl, who doesn't even eat fried rice on a regular basis, closest I've had is Chinese American takeaway on occasion because I'm mad broke, but even I can tell that this rice needs help. Kay put her heart and soul into her cooking it's clear, and her heart and soul are pure, she is definitely a nice woman, but a rice cooker and a bit of cooking advice are in order. I've tried my best not to be over critical and mean, so sorry if this is really mean, but I wanted to cry for a second there for real.

  • I really want to cry when I see what she calls fried rice.

  • #WRM

  • I’ve got rice right. I use microwave rice 🤣

  • Uncle roger was like: NONONO you should get a rice cooker Just then I realise I don’t have rice cooker I immediately run to the store to buy rice cooker

  • My momjust passed out seeing that fried porridge

  • Like at the start of the video, kay is a good person but she really should learn how to cook properly so that her family can trust her skills.

  • 🤣🤣🤣 I can't breathe 🤣🤣🤣 Maybe Kay should do a collaboration vid with uncle roger

  • bless her she really does try

  • She have 175k Subscribers even she dont know tO Cook Special Fried Rice Haiyaa!!!!

  • I have nothing to say about that shit

  • #WRM i just want hashtag this lol nice vid :D

  • Well I feel okay because there was no garlic this time for my ancestors to be ashamed but.. my heart hurts watching good food (rice and peas - not the meat) be butchered like this

  • 😁🤣

  • #wrm

  • Well should bring rice back to where it should be

  • Uncle Roger wants an air con when he has millions of fans.

  • 6:09 what is the song name?

  • aaaaaaahhhhh

  • that is white people cooking-

  • This is traumatising 😂😂😂😂

  • I respect this woman because she clearly haven't watch a tutorial and try to figure it out herself.

  • Easy there. She did say it's "special" fried rice, so you can expect it to be a bit retarded at least lol

  • Westerner use pea to eat, malay people use pea to kidnap tuyul. (If u wondering, tuyul is a ghost that look like shreks children that do drug)

  • She can't cook rice?😅😅😅😅 This is crazy!!! Hahahahahahahahhaa

  • When Kay fails. Uncle Roger : Haiyaa Me : *Gets the Cristian cross and picks up the bible*

  • #WRM

  • You don't need a rice cooker mine is always perfect you just need to stir it to get the starch out and turn it down to simmer after it boils, taste when it's near cooked then drain to steam and dry.... easy

  • #whitericematter 🤣

  • Kay's E g g P o r r i d g e

  • Fuck the settlement shit that dish needs your help

  • call 911 lol

  • Use peas if you want. Not all vegetables taste like sad. But use frozen peas. Otherwise, they'll turn to mush when you start making the stir-fry.

  • LMFAO! "Even her wok sweating, i think her wok scare of what she gonna do" HAHAHAH Im dead

  • 7:57 - the spoon looks like it had a sad rice face And Trial and error 🤷‍♀️ can only persevere

  • White Rice Matter. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • I take my egg fried rice very seriously (I have 3 woks=wok f**k boy), but I absolutely love putting green peas in mine.

  • Someone near her need to teach her to cook fried rice. I cooked my first fried rice when I was 8-9 years old. It's not that hard. Actually only need cold rice, salt, oil, garlic and/shallot/onion, and egg. Maybe some soy/oyster/chili sauce and MSG as flavouring but not necessary. Can add any veggies cut small, carrot, peas, whatever you have. Garnish with whatever garnish available but not necessary. Any additional protein can be put but need to cut small. Or can eat the fried rice with fried chicken. It's basically the sandwich of the east. Whatever is in the fridge, just throw it in.