UNCLE ROGER MAKE RAMEN (4 Million Subscriber Special!)

Today, Uncle Roger making ramen as promised. Thank you so much for 4 million subscribers FUIYOH! Uncle Roger love all my niece and nephew!

Uncle Roger Iekei-inspired Ramen Recipe: matsudai.co.uk/pages/iekei-ra...
If you in UK and want this ramen delivered to you: tinyurl.com/unclerogeriekeira...

Big thank you to nephew James Chant from Matsudai Ramen for helping Uncle Roger out with this weejio.
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Cardif: matsudai.co.uk/pages/book-a-t...

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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe
Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees

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  • Good job uncle Roger! And yes James is the man! Check out matsudai ramen if you're in the UK. They do home delivery and it'll be some of the best ramen you've ever tasted.

  • Yeah I also like bread

  • Can you change the thumbnail? It creep me out a bit.

  • These were vegan once to xD

  • 8:55 "He crack" Uncle Roger, that's so bad!! .😂

  • Uncle Roger: "We treat Garlic like how we treat our children" Uncle Roger: *Proceeds to dump it into the broth like it disgusts him and he can't wait to throw it away-* (No offence)

  • Wow I had no idea Ramen was such a complex process

  • How long do you pressure cook the broth for.

  • he was laughing all in the out takes but kept such a straight professional, i hate you face all through the video maybe ill buy a ramen noodle pack, the uncle roger version but he aint gonna get the ingredients right with his maths.. all FEEEEElLLLLLLLLLLLL

  • unnatached noodle women and credit card cutting techniques.. aaiii yyaaa.. nay wai ah nay... tut tut

  • tired of the stress of work and people judging me i'm gonna make a cooking youtube chanel uncle Roger : haiyaaaa

  • poor Jamie tho

  • Why you use whisk? You weak now Uncle Roger?

  • This guy istg😭😭😭😭😭

  • Man u don't know even cooking and says to everyon that they are not perfect... everyone u have reacted on didn't take any help for Cooking and u

  • Hi

  • Fuiyooohhhh...Yum

  • I think everything was god teir except i think the broth could be better

  • I’m sorry children 🤣🤣🤣


  • You Should react to Tasty's Giant Tonkotsu Ramen Video.

  • Wat dis? No slurp again? Your family will disown you

  • Surprised Uncle Roger approved the use of pasta maker for ramen...

  • For 5 Million, Uncle Roger should make MSG steak

  • This will make me hungry

  • I feel like it needs to be pointed out, not even chickens and pigs are dumb enough to be vegan.

  • Amazing.

  • Interesting thing about both chickens and pigs, they are in actually omnivores, and more disturbingly they are known to be cannibalistic. There's your creepy fact for the day

  • Science is approximative, haiyaa

  • MSG,水歐~~😂

  • If you said time Is money then what is atm

  • 1:34 why you grab chopsticks like that, haiya

  • Aaah...the outages are always the best part Actually no msg for the win

  • why was this so relatetable ?

  • Can we buy the ramen kit in the US??

  • Mr Nigel what is the difference between light and dark soy sauces?

  • 2:48 James' tone _and_ face just flawlessly channeled a disappointed Chinese parent.

  • James: "I like to watch you sweat." Roger: "World War 2 over..." My brain: "Yeah, Asians suffered enough." Roger: "...Use technology." I mean, yes, that also. (Oh my god, and there's a bomb joke in the outtakes...I'm goin' to Hell.)

  • i wish i was in place of that pork belly ngl

  • Loved the Dark Humor in the outtakes.....

  • Shame on you using a pressure cooker

  • I feel like he HAD to unattach the roller

  • 2:10 That's what auntie Helen did to my hope and dream: made it nice and flat.

  • Ggggh(hzzzazzzzzzz

  • I notice he called dude "nephew" instead of uncle. I've noticed he will call people uncle if he respects them so what's that say about the guy he was cooking with? 🤔 And what about all the people that are subscribed to him? 🤔

  • How does Jamie have a restaurant and u don’t his cooking will make u vomit 🤮 my mom went there for the first time my mom order Thai green curry we literally left HOW Horrible it is we did not even taste it.

    • "we did not even taste it." So you have no room to say anything about it then...

  • Please react to guga ramen. isprofile.info/pac/q6GNnaijnaaciWo/v-deo.html

  • Haiyaa Uncle Roger used onion instead of shallot. So poverty.

  • "Vegan worst nightmare" "FLAVOR"

  • I liked cus he told me to do it

  • The Boston bomb joke was spot on XD

  • From now you are my uncle

  • wait where is the Japanese Dashi soup???oh msg did the same job...but fact traditional Dashi soup would make more flavour than msg haiya~

  • “He cracked”

  • you are inter racial....its the height of racist...no indian food....coz unlce dont know india and indian and he so recist

  • You just react to cooking videos? Becauze this video show to us you don't cook anything

  • I love the way uncle roger always promoting Twice as much he can do or as much he has chance 😂 Truly Once 🍭🤩

  • I hope msg pays this guy

  • Hahaha! The price of those ramen kits 🤣 Cheaper to eat out! 🤣🤣🤣

  • "We all know, time is money" maybe he can use the money to buy a better roller

  • 8:50 this was the best cooking joke I ever heard in my life 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Where is iekei ramen from?

  • Boring broth... I give you 1/10.

    • But this is correct that is ramen soup. Well but not totally correct. I need broth clear and clear very clear when cook noudle and natural sweet. Add falour seperate. You have to make clear broth but smell and taste good. Clear borth....

  • Put the dough into the oil, noudle will nicer

  • That Ariana joke tho 💀


  • The Boston joke is a no go 👎

  • Uncle roger my " auntie left me too" she went bye bye with another uncle :( now I drink beer and make rice. U saved me and fire-cooked rice also !

  • He always eats Auntie Helen Sensually or Caniballistically

  • the Wales/Welsh guy seems so Uninterested in Uncle Roger's Commentary why so Sad why so Sad

  • Here is some constructive criticism, uncle roger. You should add other people laughing at your jokes in the video as well. Laughing is contagious, so even if some of the viewers might not get the joke, they would still laugh because they heard others laugh. Just thought I might share it, that's all :)

  • kinda weird uncle roger didnt say "now it nice and flat,just like auntie helen" lolololol

    • That's how you know Auntie Helen THICC.

  • How can u trust mat salleh with ramen it like black people on pack of rice

  • *Nouuhh*

  • My random lost comment.

  • good guest

  • When did marinated egg became a thing? Even in tokyo my egg wasn't brown and salty on the outside.

  • 4 million subscribers and still not 4 million views...

  • You actually can’t really cook can ya ? That’s why you miss Aunty Helen soo much

  • Why you use collinder haiyya...

  • Noodle is too fat for tonkotsu ramen.

  • "im gunna make my own ramen" proceeds to make someone elses ramen .....

  • This is great

  • I would also love to taste that

  • Me sitting here as an 11 year old

  • Fuiyoo!

  • Hehe finally caught uncle roger using colander

  • When he had the egg and said, "...he cracked", and I laughed through my nose as I was inhaling air. The subsequent noise was...disturbing. He got me...got me good.

  • Ramen guy is on point.Whistling carless whisper when uncle roger was handling the mixer

  • I lost when he cut the powder with the card, damn hilarious

  • Hello from singapore but you crack me up, hahaha

  • 12:31 the best moment in uncle roger history LOL

  • Uncle roger, plz react to Jun Yoshizuki’s ramen

  • I think Nick Giovanni's ramen is better looking

  • Waiiiiiiit!!!!!! Did you just shade Jamie Oliver and move on😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m literally losing my shot coz I need an audience to laugh at that now 😂😂😂😂wtf

  • 2:06 that face =)))))))

  • Mooooooore rolling haiy.. *roller fail noises

  • “Remember these things used to be vegan also” - I love it!

    • Chickens love meat though - crazy for it even. Pretty sure bugs aren't vegan, and that's mostly what free range chickens eat. Cows? Eat meat sometimes (I'm sure you can find video of them eating chicks somewhere). Koalas are vegan, and look how stupid and lazy they are - and nobody wants to eat them...

    • Yeah 🤣😂

  • dude cant stop roasting Jamie Oliver

  • Probably the funniest veejo on ISprofile