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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe ( frankielowe... )
Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees ( morgantherees )

Uncle Roger is the creation of UK-based comedian Nigel Ng.

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  • I feel like I’ve been knighted by the queen. I promise to close my eyes and throw more things into the pan. Shoutout to my cleaners. ❤️

  • Salute to Uncle Joshua!

  • My grandma has 10 wok

  • Oh he does the measurements of his viewers want to make to make it

  • Nah that’s U.S.P.A not Ralph Lauren

  • ur egg fried rice tastes like indomie

  • ha

  • You measuring is important.

  • Im white and I use a rice cooker.

  • Uncle Roger, I agree with you. Why do people eat rice with forks?

  • Mr Joshua needs to use feelinggg

  • Because u smoked weed before too 🤣

  • Joshua is pansexual

  • 4:41 Ah fuck i throw random shit in the pan and that just hurts when i measure everything

  • "Throw shit in pan and eat hayaaa" loll

  • I don't think that's a Ralph Lauren Polo, I think it's from the U.S. Polo Assn.

  • You so funny 😂

  • Get a wok full of oil going just to fry up a shallot.. lol

  • this fried rice looks frigging delicioussssss

  • These videos are so good

  • He's funny

  • I think Joshua is just pansexual

  • Two of my absolute favorite ISprofile chefs in one video!!!!!👨🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ this is my absolute gold 🌟🏆🥇

  • I love how every time uncle Roger make "jokes" his accent would disappear just like jamie Oliver's customers

  • Angel ask what do you want to eat uncle roger Uncle roger:papa's egg fried rice

  • Fire rice is considered one of fast food so it no need to cook this long and many steps. But I think he try to make it better so this is great. oh I do love fired shallot.

  • Hes always roasting Jamie Oliver

  • If rice in bowl eat with chopsticks If rice in plate eat with spoon If rice in jamie Oliver kitchen THROW IT OUT 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • He can reduce the oils a bit , no need much oils for fried rice, and green onions always the last one for garnish...measuring is optional but uncle roger was right, most asians cooking never use measurements, but its not wrong to measure..other than that, i think the fried rice was ok..nice try!

  • joshua weissman is so fucking cringey

  • This is how you make it better : more msg 1000 kg of msg

  • First time to watch one of your videos and that was hilarious.

  • me too! I use the same rice cooker as uncle roger

  • with so much hair he looks like the dishwasher : )))

  • "If rice in bowl, eat with chopsticks." "If rice in plate, eat with spoon." "If rice in Jamie Oliver kitchen, THROW IT OUT!"🤣🤣

  • Uncle roger: cant find anything to complain about, so he resorts to fasion criticism

  • Lmao the ph jokes I cant rn.

  • Some people watching at home need measurements. They will have a mental meltdown without measurements. Many will mess up a recipe without measurements.

  • 5:38 Josh takes Food OrnPa to a whole new level 😂

  • We eat rice in plate with hand

  • Shaggy after the gang split

  • Well Egg fried rice Steam the rice dont cook Add into the rice turmeric powder, salt, onion oil Get the yellow shiny rice and cool it down Garlic and egg, soysauce or fish sauce depend on favourite but I prefer fish sauce After the rice dry mix it with one egg The 2 more egg add some pepper and salt , water in the egh Turn the fire cook the garlic till brown add egg add the egg and then add the rice Addsome fish sauce and msg sugar and vinegar. I promise this take down all the picky eater

  • this is funny lol

  • Awwww I loved the behind the scenes 🤩 wow Joshua's egg fried rice looks really good. My boyfriend actually copied the way Yuya Makky - a Japanese youtuber who sometimes reacts to your videos, Nigel (I mean, Uncle Roger's videos 😋😂) - and he said it tasted awesome! I hope I can have the honor of tasting it someday 😋😊 I introduced him to your videos - you can thank me later 😜😂 all the best from 🇦🇹

  • Uncle roger dont measure me with two big bottles of salt yeet

  • Sambal... i ( the one of ID people) thank to Uncle Joshua and Uncle Roger for this..

  • SO ANAL omg lmfao im dying

  • I died laughing when the dahub theme or music came and he smiles 😂😂😂😂

  • and i have 7 woks

  • haya

  • Smoked duck fat will do if you happen to run out of BACON GREASE!

  • Uncle Roger, Should Joshua have used long grain rice or jasmine rice instead of medium grain?

  • Yessss i love that he takes into account that recipes that use a bunch of dishes and tools are off putting to regular ppl who have to wash after!!

  • 10:00 of course you eating salt on crack...... Salt before becoming MSG *sniff ohh this is some good shit😂

  • Lol im UNDERSTAND every but im 14

  • I hate rice cookers.

  • "just sprinkle, just sprinkle"

  • Finger test 😂😅😂

  • I notice uncle roger every video must say sorry children’s

  • Wok phuk boi! welcome to the club.

  • I really want to try his fri rice lol

  • Looks tasty

  • Rice cooker pop

  • *F* *U* *I* *Y* *O* *H* *.*

  • Im actually shocked. If you eat rice with a fork, you need to be euthanized. I can't believe people actually do that.

  • Don't encourage the hipsters.

  • Chilli jam was made in Malaysia

  • Faveriote part 100% 5:44

  • 10:11 that face lol hahaha :c

  • Uncle Roger, your english vocalization ia too funny ima subscribe. Recipes also looks good!

  • How about do a reaction on his self-claimed "authentic" take on Korean bibimbap, Hawaii poke, and other dishes. Joshua Weissman has been blindly referring his take on some iconic Asian dishes as "authentic" while it's clear that his recipe was far from the authentic version.

  • Uncle roger please review mark wiens fried rice


  • Well uncle roger I think I have to own a mansion AND a yacht 🛥 to watch uncle Joshua egg fried rice 🍚 weejio

  • Millionaire Joshua skimped by not including chicken or pork. Use fork for wallet to get chicken. Egg only for vegetarian. No good. Haaaaighah


  • white people fried rice. how much is too much- its like putting caviar on your mcchicken

  • Funny shit.. ^_^

  • Uncle roger money do grow on trees money is made from paper paper is made from tree! LOL

  • So Ay was correct Yeeting spices randomly was correct And allso ay just made my first fried rice

  • Msg is so fucking bad for u😂😂😂

    • Shits straight cancer powder😂😂

  • so its rice cooker pop

  • Wait… the accent is FAKE??

  • My mom will beet me up

  • What is wrong with msg chill with msg

  • Lollll ,if i eat a lot of msg like that ..... Die sure!!!!

  • Fuck baby elephant all my homies hate baby elephants Tiger is where it’s at

  • I use Tiger rice cooker at Japan

  • Unless its steak or something you have to hold down while you cut it spoon all day every day.

  • When I finally someone who also listens to k-pop Me - pArTy pArTy yEaH!

  • "Do you do the finger test on your girlfriend as well" Uncle roger 2021 P.S: sorry kids

  • I eat them with rice for shcool

  • I love eggs

  • Too much msg

  • He look like guy who owns more Bitcoin than freinds bruh that killed me

  • 13:04 what the hell happened to his accent and sexy voice? who was that???

  • Uncle Roger so he looks like he has more bitcoins than friends I have 3 friends

  • Uncle Roger:"Western people eat fryed rice with fork" Me:"that is forked up😧" Parents:😲😲

  • Hey I went to a white people house once and they had this machine that just washes dishes automatically. I bet thats why white people like measuring stuff with tiny cups so much

  • If you don't wash your Rice i will find you