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Nephew Mark Wiens make Thai green curry (แกงเขียวหวานไก่), how he do? How he do?

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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe
Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees

Uncle Roger is the creation of UK-based comedian Nigel Ng.

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  • if my kidnapper kidnapped me and started making thai green curry I'd refuse to go with the police who came to rescue me until he was done

  • Ha, we tie things like that in eastern Europe too, and last time I checked we are white there, so yes, white people know how to untie. It's also how they tie things in India, which is South Asia, but not quite South East Asia.

  • ไฮหย่าาาา

  • My pestle in my country is made out of wood cause we mash a cousin of the banana that is bigger, thicker, and less sweeter but delicious when you fry it and mix it with garlic and roasted diced pork skin and the food is called Mofongo.

  • Haha if you come to Mexico you could see that we also tie things with rubberbands like that!

  • Instead of coming together Y judging n destroying each other Its like an insult 😂

  • No one is perfect so stop judging Because food has to discrimination We need food to live Not for challenging Whos the best chef?? Thank you

  • Uncle rogger the old thai saying that if you want a fine wife you need to listening the the sound pounding when she is cooking the lounder the sound are the more of a the best bride she will be. It sound weird i know. What it really mean is they real good at cooking

  • I would be grumpy too if my SIL is just filming and not helping

  • The brown rice is hilarious haha

  • Funniest reaction to mark ever😂😂

  • Challots : onions for poor people? In my country (France), regular onions are cheaper than challots.😂 By the way, i'd like to watch Mark's "yummy face" while tasting Uncle Roger's egg fried rice😉

  • 7:10 I cant be the only one who thought what I thought

  • I think my eyes is not good. you use a thai front??? XD

  • Love you so much mark wines 🥰🥰

  • I like food thailand❤️

  • This vid is so entertaining uncle roger.

  • When I hear the pornhub intro I now hear "sorry children" and right after Redbone.. thanks internet 😪

  • This made me want curry now.

  • 8:55 yes yes, the smile

  • The thinkable pants fittingly preach because bit premenstrually dust on a spurious ground. temporary, milky curler

  • Time to feed hostage 😂

  • Hey Uncle Roger , here in India we untie our some packages like that ....

  • สวัสดีครับ

  • 11:58 also here in india🌝

  • Like Super Mario “ ground pounding “…! 🤣😜🙃😉☺️😏 release those extra coins 😝

  • This Is A Hilarious Review Of Mark Wiens.

  • Mean but funny uncle Rodger!

  • Uncle roger's content is good

  • The step of putting the paste in the water instead of the coconut milk then putting the chicken make me know immediately she is from the South of Thailand just like me ;) And I know why! As you can see she used the fowl chicken, and ya its meat's not soft like normal chicken so it needs time to cook and stew. If the first step is to stir fry the paste with the coconut milk then you have to stew the fowl chicken for 35-40 mins! the oil and fat from the coconut milk's not going to be good. Hiyaaa in this case, not only wants to stew the chicken and let all ingredients from the paste absorbed into to the meat, but also want to keep the quality and taste of the coconut milk (not too oily or overheat). But if you use the meat that is easy to be cooked you can follow like normal steps, putting coconut milk, stirring fry the paste , adding the meat then all is cooked in 15 mins, the coconut milk is still good. Ah, one more thing about the fish sauce, we don't like to put fish sauce in the curry as it has the strong smell and it might make the curry taste weak and weird. But Thais normally serve Nam Pla Phrick (fish sauce with chili) it's more tasty to eat it with rice and curry. Nam Pla Phrick is just like the ketchup or mustard on the dining table. FUI YOH!! love watching your video ;)

  • I always get so annoyed with the chicken's bone in my curry 😭😭😭

  • I am Thailand and no speak English

  • In English people call it bird's eye chili, but in Thailand we actually call them "rat shit".

  • Mark annoys me but why?

  • Who all every time get the shamwow towel ad

  • 3:13 hmmmm 😏

  • Bag of coconut cream so shiok!

  • the chopping block! What is the wood?

  • Tree, tree chilies, it isn't three!

  • Some people don't have money to buy jasmine rice. He buys brown rice because jasmine rice is expensive.

  • They make green curry I didn't cook rice.

  • And he still smiling what drug he on 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • ดูแปลกๆอย่างที่ลุงพูดจริงๆละ

  • Uncle Roger:he still smiling what drug he on. Me:crystal math

  • @14:17 Historically, before we can get the paper-white rice, commoners ate brown-reddish rice anyway... White rice was just not available or hard to produce. Nowadays, it's just the healthier option. Oh, rice vermicelli goes well with green curry too.

  • 13:10 TIME TO FEED HOSTAGE! 🤣🤣🤣

  • อ่าวพี่มาร์คพูดไทยได้ทำไมไม่พูดไทยในเชฟกระทะเหล็กอะผมได้ไม่ต้องงงว่าพี่เเกพูดไร555

  • I’m dead. She has the same hair style as uncle roger lol

  • I’m Thai and this cooking method is kinda different from what my parents do at home, maybe this is their home version…

  • สวัสดีลุงโรเจอร์🙏🙏🇹🇭🇹🇭 (Hello uncle roger.)

  • Cobek & ulek more better

  • Uncle Roger Really Hate Jamie Oliver hehehehe

  • i thought it was red onion not shallot bruh

  • In the US shallots cost more than regular onions

  • Am thai people and i like green curry

  • ฉันไม่ชอบข้าวกล้องเพราะมันเเข็ง🥴

  • Thai people like to eat brown rice very much.

  • My right arm is completely jacked after quarantine. No you weirdos, its from a pestle and mortar.

  • Uncle Roger are u actually agent ? Lol

  • jasmine rice is better so fluffy.

  • Uncle Roger is hot as hell and I ain’t even sorry.

  • I think most mothers in law love a good pounding

  • Im half thai 555

  • Also when he said 'oh my god' while being nervous', he actually said หอมไหมครับ (hom mai krap), meaning 'do you think it smells good?'.

  • Hai Yaaaaaah!!! just like my granny!

  • ดูอังเคิลโรเจอร์แล้วเหนื่อยจัง!!!

  • White people undo what? All thecnology and knowledge they brought to Asia and you still using and copying them? Who things that invented ALL tech that makes your show possible, a shaolin monk? How hipocratic and still living in Europe

  • I love Mark ok

  • Dead chick 8n bucket

  • kidnapped 5555

  • Many Thai eat brown rice with MSG !!

  • NIT BANGCHAN 😭😭😭😭💀💀

  • 9:13 I think Mark trying to say "Dose it smell good? (hom-mai-kub)" in Thai more than OMG🤣🤣

  • "this mother in law warning nephew mark, if you cheat on my daughter.. This what I gonna do to your Pe-" Uncle Roger 2021- 2021

  • I love you Uncle Roger !!!!

  • Remember white people,your green curry is suppose to look green,not white with green dots,if your chef serve you white green curry,Throw that shit out

  • คนไทยรับไม่ได้😂

  • i thin he smile when the chicken is getting kill is cause he is a PSYCHOPATH

  • oh NICE FOOD

  • Good

  • Same haircut as Uncle Roger. lol

  • Lol I never even noticed that dead chicken till you pointed it out 😂

  • Hahah hostages


  • The pesto and mortar joke I absolutely lost my shit, thanks uncle Roger for making me laugh.

  • “Onion for poor people” 😭🤣

  • 555555

  • Hooó yaaàa

  • "Who eat brown rice in Thailand" Uncle roger, if you don't really know about somethings just don't act like you do.

  • They do that knot round bags of takeaway food with a rubber band here in Vietnam too. I get frustrated trying to pick it open and just rip it off

  • I'm Thai, uncle Roger, and some people did eat brown rice like myself.

  • Omg!! Hhaaiii-yaaaaaa

  • I'm Thai and I eat brown rice : )

  • 12:00 Taiwan do this, too

  • 6:57 this gets me all the time

  • You are awesome. I'm Thai. I follow you.

  • เอ่อ ที่ไทยก็กินข้าวกล้องค่ะ อาจจะบางบ้าน เพราะบางบ้านเขาก็เน้นข้าวกล้อง บ้านเราเองก็มีกินบ้างในบางเดือน(ทำกินเอง)

  • 0:30 so sad

  • His real voice is funny