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Uncle Roger make carbonara FUIYOH! This Italian chef don't know who he messing with!

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  • Uncle Roger you are the Best. I have been practicing "Fuiyoh" for weeks and I cant believe I am still not pronouncing it right 😭😭😭 About your Carbonara...I will have to react to it. Stay Tuned

  • I have agreat aisan Italian green, soy sauce pasta,

  • Those two are very good toghter.

  • I dare you to make carbonara... with... HEAVY CREAM

  • Uncle Roger goin sicko mode

  • they defo smashing

  • Uncle roger watch hxh too 🥳🥳🥳

  • You can actually eat guanciale raw, so do try it at home (or don't, it's too greasy and not that good honestly)

  • Wat dis wat dis? Asian that don't slurp their noodle? Haiyaaa

  • i watched hunterxhunter in a piracy website back then. he he he

  • It’s looks amazing even if I don’t like pasts with cheese

  • Uncle Roger, can I simp on Aunt Liz?

  • 3:35 dat dirty smile tho😂

  • Uncle Roger you won

  • I love Liz , if she got divorce somedays plz call me 🤣🤣

  • Haiya he insult gordon and my egg fired rice* Epik

  • Fun fact : vincenzo is the only one who made uncle roger use collinder

  • I'm disappointed uncle roger said the X in hunter x hunter......

  • 5:53 when he said “broken spaghetti is for broken family” I thought he was gonna hand Liz the broken spaghetti

  • Auntie Liz is a beautiful lady.🥰

  • Bravo! Grazie per aver rispettato la carbonara.

  • I watch this video whole day 😁😁😁

  • uncle roger get slamonella from eating raw pork

  • Yeah it’s right but bungee gum has the properties of both rubber and gum 🤔

  • I really need to watch Uncle roger cook.But all my attention is on liz♥️

  • Peanut allergy guy think he is cheated uncle roger and auntie liz 🥰

  • Fuiyoo!!! sarawak black city (≧▽≦)(◍•ᴗ•◍)✨✨

  • I never expect to see my home Sarawak's product in Uncle Roger's weejio, fuiyoohhh~

  • Pls stop roasting my country 🥲

  • Wow Auntie Lis look like Marilyn Monroe in this weejios ~

  • 776 Italian watched this video

  • Is it bad that I want uncle Roger to be a dr*g dealer who deals msg in a shady way. Surely I'm not alone.

  • Oh my god someone wants to buy chili jam that's illegal

  • Womenplayning La Its chefslainning cause that why your husband have peanut alergies

  • Fuiyoh Hiya La Vicenzo plate you baby Huh Cause your wife left you for uncle roger hehe

  • she really should know that you can eat raw ham. its cured. and even raw pork, is a deli where i am from. pls uncle roger:do a mettweck( thats a bun, but german bun with crisp with raw, minced pork and onion (maybe egg) and it is the best thing humanity ever made


  • 3:18

  • 3:36 daym Angka you got the girl good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I already watch hunter x hunter but the FINAL episode MY STUPID UNCLE thought it was already at the outtro so he skip it all! And i never got to watch the final episode full;(

  • Uncle're like Jamie Oliver with chilly jam using MSG in carbonara....hayaaa

  • the italian can go

  • @616 Eggs are boneless chicken.

  • @2:20 Woah! Auntie Liz even has Majestic Hair Air Blower on her set!

  • Fuyooo.....did i spell it right?

  • In Singapore we can’t find guanciale

  • "Don't use bacon, don't use pancetta, they for poor people." Me eating bacon right now: 👁👄👁

    • Me who only ate bacon atleast 7 times because of burgers: 😑😑😑😑

    • But bacon is life 😶

  • Uncle roger is a HxH fan confirmed!!! I see he truly is a man of culture

  • "it's always a first with you, uncle Roger"

  • "It just salmonela Don't be pussy."

  • More vids with Liz!

  • Uncle Roger, you shouldnt cook egg/cheese sauce in direct heat. Let the residual heat of the /wok/, guanciale fat, and pasta cook it gently. And you should let guanciale melt out a lot of fat, or add a touch of oil. You want that pork flavour to reach everywhere, just like garlic chilli oil in fried rice.

  • HxH oh wow I love uncle Roger more and more as I watch

  • I have to admit Auntie Liz is hot. Come at me. I stay where I stand. She is a wonderful, skilled and amazing person.

  • Have her as a regular guest in your video. She is great!

  • I want to see Uncle Roger go head to head in Rice Balls! Italians do rice balls too!!!

  • Noooo uncle roger please nevere do pasta well done level x.x

  • Uncle roger say more dirty words than my iq present in my brain when doing math

  • Aunty Liz looks like a young Marlyn Manroe

  • 3/5

  • Is better if you add the water to the eggs and then to the pasta

  • Aunty liz a baddies doe

  • Definitely need more auntie Liz, she's absolutely gold!

  • this video is a blessing. i'll leave some advices just for someone who wants to try it: 1) for the pasta if you don't find spaghettoni you can use spaghetti n°5 or rigatoni (personal preference). 2) you can use the skin of the guanciale (called "cotenna") to grease the pan you're using to cook guanciale. 3) be aware of the differt types of parmigiano: use the roman parmigiano not the sardenian. 4) DO NOT USE MSG in the egg because the pecorino it's already salty enough, and to add flavor put some of the grase releesed from the guanciale to make the egg a little more liquid and savory. 5) while cooking the cuangiale add some of the boiling water (before adding the salt and the pasta) to make it release more grease (to use when doing the egg cream) and make it crispyer.

  • Ya’ll should do more videos together!!!

  • Uncle Roger, you kidding me you straning the hot boiling spaghetti in a PLASTIC BASKET instead of a stainless steel colander? Your Grandma will knock on your head you better wake up!!!

  • 2:53 the way i physically yelled “WOW.” at the attack he said with his whole chest, knowing he’s absolutely right 😂😂

  • yeah im not gonna lie, Chef Liz can get it......

  • How old do you have to be to watch your channel

  • Ngl they should date 😳

  • Uncle roger only use only MSG SO WEAK

  • Did you know? Italians get their pasta from Chinese noodle

    • @ItsPungpond98 That's a myth originating in 20th century America. Pasta existed in Italy and the Mediterranean Basin centuries or even millennia before Marco Polo was born.

    • @Vespasian Closcan Well noodles first come from china. Then in Marco Polo's time, he goes to China and discovered the noodle then he brought it home. And the noodle that Marco Polo brought home evolved into the pasta we know today

    • No, they don't.

  • Don't mess up one of my favorite food, please.

  • 5:25 to give some of you a context, these are the most expensive spaghetti in italy

  • 3:58 spitting out facts uncle roger, luckly i live in italy

  • Auntie LIz is MY Marilynn Monroe.............................................................................

  • Honestly i just watch your video for the dirty jokes and insults to jaime oliver.

  • you use blow torch to burn down house and family not cook haiya

  • where you match stick where your match stick haiya use blow torch

  • 3:01 i just came here from tiktok to watch the full video hahaha

  • Nice now uncle roger is a 2 trick pony

  • Some old Italian lady watching this: NO-a! NO-a! You don't-a stir it with-a chopsticks-a!

  • Aunty Liz good for Uncle Roger. This nephew approves ;)

  • Nobody knows what you are searching well no you should know what you are searching and when someone gets your PC they can take a look at it

  • I know I shouldn't comment this but nobody will see it anyways Italy Germany and Japan how fun it would be ( it's just a joke please don't be offended)

  • 8:45 aahhhhh i see induction stove👀

  • Uncle heres a video of a Filipino chef called Ninong Ry making a egg fried rice, please make a review. 16:50 is where he cook the egg fried rice.

  • the very first step u already wrong la uncle.. u use the wok.. but on the induction stove.. wtf? use fire u bloody fool😂

  • I laughed waaaay too hard at your both your commentaries lol

  • I love when Aunt Liz is on. More of her please.

  • IN MALAYSIA I CAN'T PECORINO, any Malaysian here can help me😂😂

  • Look like only Asian can say haiyah

  • As an Italian..... Nephew approve

  • Uncle roger be like: msg for life

  • Lovely Uncle Roger! Come and watch this bento review!

  • Fav*

  • Carbonara it's my fab

    • Fav*

  • It looked a little undercooked