Uncle Roger ROASTED BY CELEBRITY CHEF (ft. Chef Wan)

Birt 7 mar 2021
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🧡 Big thanks to Chef Wan for taking time out to film this weejio with me. Niece and nephew, if you in Malaysia, go check out his restaurant. His food so fuiyoh!
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  • Uncle Roger Youtooz figurine is now live! ➡️ youtooz.com/products/uncle-roger And go check out Cafe Chef Wan. The lamb kerutup making Uncle Roger hungry fuiyoh instagram.com/cafechefwan/ Hope niece and nephew enjoy this weejio! Uncle Roger really like this new format 🧡 BAI BAI

    • Please do another vid with him. I smiled the whole way through. It reminds me when I was learn to cook Indian dishes from an old Indian lady. She use to treat me like a daughter. Don't ever lose his contact😍🤗🙏🏾

    • I want to steal one of his disco chandeliers

    • @Ranjana narayana and then got covid19....

    • The 197th reply 😗✌🏻

    • 😈😈😈

  • Uncle roger hate vegetable bc of his wife lah

  • Guys,Mission fail...0.0001% untuk jumpa Malaysian comment

  • finally someone roasting roger

  • Chef wan kasi bantai Hahaha

  • nasib kuat mental chef wan 😂

  • So happy to see him again, I used to watched him on AFC...

  • :)

  • I have never seen such energetic chef in my life.

  • Chef wan is so cute,he acted to uncle Roger like he is his own son

  • love CHEF WAN!!! wonderful chef ever

  • I don't say msg but I say ajinomoto🤣yes I know ajinomoto is msg brand🤣who's with me😂

  • This is a great video! Chef Wan is hilarious!! One of the funniest videos I have seen yet! I would love to eat at this restaurant. You should do more videos with him!

  • The only one with a bigger mouth, and Chris Tucker. Never stops talking :D

  • These are the most Malaysian jokes.

  • That all looked so amazing omg

  • Chef Wang : "Everything's sexual" Me : "Sex is a JoJo Reference" Everyone : *we all know what's coming next*

  • Proud to be a Malaysian

  • Soooo... Is Nasi Kangkang an actual thing?

  • Chef wan is so friendly gotta respect him.

  • The food in first 10 mins made me drool… wish I had an uncle that cooked like Uncle Wan

  • This uncle is more localer and uncler than Roger :)

  • These 2 are great together! I really hope they make more videos

  • 13:17 sorry children

  • This chef is very funny and likable. Food looks good as well

  • Uncle mutu.. 🤣

  • I'm I crazy or is the chef flirting with uncle?

  • he on x games mode

  • 😂😂😂 stop insulting Chinese cooking 🤣

  • I want that kinky rice

  • thank for effort for promoting malaysia

  • uncle roger roasts his exwife so much, I fear he will one day get sued by her xD

  • My house is next to the mall lah I want to go see also uncle roger

  • Oh how the turns have tabled

  • Chef Wang doesn't give a shit 😂😂😂🙏 I love it

  • I love how all I heard was smell this and then all I hear is Chinese medicine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 God I love Uncle Roger ❤️

  • Uncle Roger this video is the best of all. Every time i watch it, i can always laughed at it

  • 11:44 both of them HAIYAAAA

  • Michelin stars are a scam to make people buy more tires....

  • 10:23 Like a grandfather and his grandchildren.

  • I think MSG just use for soup when you cant have enough natural sweet from yr meat and vegetable. Actually MSG is exist in meat and vegetable. We have chicken stock also MSG. It just diffirent name. And MSG is cheaper than chicken stock a little bit bc MSG produce from the cassava. We actually use MSG as chicken stock. MSG is not toxic but cooking without is... is not like hell

  • Uncle Roger vs reasonable Opponent . Good one

  • 13:18

  • Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • Chef Wan reminds me of my mom they just throw

  • I sooo love this episode. Chef Wan is so cool. HAHA

  • Ugh. The most annoying chef.

  • So many people died watching this. That's why there's graveyard nearby.

  • What a great episode!! Love chef Wan's accent and personality!!

  • This episode is so cool. So wholesome. Uncle Roger promoted chef Wan's restaurant in the most unique way. Genius! 😎 This is going to be my favorite episode. ❤️❤️❤️

  • my mom said u cringe but i sprinkle msg she be fan of u free fan

  • We used to see chef wan on TV all the time when I was a kid! I was shocked to see that you did a video with him! An absolute legend of a chef, and is deserving of more recognition for his culinary ability!

  • So cool ok ok every 9ne messes with Asian food Hawaii

  • Uncle Roger终于遇上对手了!

  • chef wan so funny and good at cooking

  • That was super funny chef wan is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • u means!!!!

  • Chef Wan is another level of father

  • All Spanish ancestors are now crying over that 'Paella'

  • Chef wan = Pervert Not finishing the widyow

  • The best cooking duo. ❤️

  • Chef wan reminds me of my babushka

  • this video made me miss my grandparents

  • Chef Wan is full of energy, Love him!

  • Chef Wan : what is this? Uncle Roger:Chinese medicine Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • When he says hallo hallo

  • 😂😂😂 "give him nasi kangkang"

  • will u sell the portrait? Chef wan: "my mom is more valuable than me" such a good figure! it doesnt matter how much did u make the whole life, "respect" itslf make u a good human like chef wan. Thanks and much respect for being a good figure to Malaysian

  • Chef Wan has class

  • How can a 16 year old white girl like me know what cardamom is but uncle roger doesn't

  • Fuyooo~ this uncle-to-uncle interaction has more heat than Chef Wan's sweaty kitchen.

  • please tell me auntie Helen is real :)

  • Fuiyoh

  • Kambing golek & purple relationship be like:

  • Wait, what is Nasi Kangkang? Eww. 🤮

  • love it, too much

  • Chef wan is on Cocaine

  • Chef Wan is a South East Asian legend.

  • i like your content, funny

  • I love the enthusiasm of the chef

  • Chef Wan is like my grandpa ❤️

  • 'gweilou' ~white people me, Chinese: 'gui lao'

  • "we cooked so long time na".... that's so Indianize way of saying..

    • @Toney Yt thanks for letting me know.. nice to know that...haha.. Indians use 'na'

    • 'lah' not 'na'. 'lah' is malaysian/singaporean slang. for example 'not bad lah' 'im okay lah'

  • this crazy rich asian chef version

  • that Chef wan painting looks like ben 10 grandfather

  • 😂😂

  • Blank Blank

  • we are not stealing we are just taking. - Chef Wan 2021

  • along that side we got graveyard 🤣🤣🤣

  • 2:22

  • "cause I like them big" -Chef wan

  • im so happy a true LEGEND like Chef Wan is featured here with Uncle Roger's channel 😍😍😍 we have been blessed

  • Chef Wan speaks so fast😂

  • Slap like button like how uncle roger slap Jamie olive oil 😎

  • No we don't steal we just take la

  • women with headscarf make me puke x.x

    • How about Mother mary and all the nun?

  • since when is KL=kuala lumpur? it is kaiserslautern

  • menyampah aku ngan si c.wan tu

  • Chef Wan overshadowed Uncle Roger!!

  • Chief Wan : Lamb Kerutup Indians: that's indian lamb curry with lemon grass🤣