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Treat food with respect! Don't put food in coffee maker HAIYAAA... Featuring weejio from Tasty and Tastemade.

Original weejio:
Cooking in Hotel (Tastemade):
The cursed salmon (Tasty):

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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe ( frankielowe... )
Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees ( morgantherees )

Uncle Roger is the creation of UK-based comedian Nigel Ng.

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  • magik

  • “It turn pink because it embarrassed” 😂

  • I agree with Uncle Roger here. I really don't see the point in cooking in a hotel room. It's too time consuming, too much hassle, a potential fire hazard, and you have to pack more stuff. Plus the foods being made in the videos shown are just subpar. It's just better to go to a convenience store grab some food or eat in a restaurant. Part of traveling is not worrying about everyday chores and enjoying the local cuisine. Also, time is often tight on vacations.

  • 3:34

  • So, while I do try to cook on my vacations, I, like, rent a place with a kitchen for that. LOL. Why make oatmeal in a half-way decent hotel? Chances are you're getting a complimentary breakfast anyway.

  • The way that girl at the end yelled "STOP" makes me think that the chef has a habit of doing this. That wasn't a "Stop, I don't believe you" that was a "Alexis, we're all worried for you, please get help and stop using the company coffee maker to make random shit"

  • Or just get a hotel room with a kitchen

  • Welp my Asian family when you get sick you just eat porridge

  • 0:52 Lmao I’m fricking dying

  • There is the reason for the coffee maker to be called coffee maker as it is for brewing coffee not cooking food

  • You must start releasing more videos every week

  • When uncle roger started talking about congee I almost spat out my congee. Felt unwell today so I made congee and turned on ISprofile to watch while I ate. How ironic lol

  • I think she saves every single penny she has before thinking of traveling.

  • Making oatmeal with water is the single saddest thing I know. Milk warm or cold is so much better. Add a bit of sugar or honey and some jam or fresh fruit makes it so much better. And remind me never to ask neither of these women for a coffee afterwards.

  • 10:54 is when I fell in love with Uncle Roger. 11:04 sealed the deal. She is why I stopped watching a lot of the shows on that channel. Her videos and recipes are super interesting, but oh lawd I can't handle her voice.

  • i been to an hotel before

  • why is this like student hacks for campus life? literally: reheat pizza, dorm kitchen full... alluminum foil and iron.... :D

  • 5 s t a r h o t e l

  • I remember the 3 years I spent on the railroad and lived out of a duffelbag a lot of us did this if they didn’t have a breakfast nook.

  • Just put tea leaves in there then add water yes i am asian

  • I used to manage a hotel and once had a Chinese tour group in who tried to cook a whole chicken in a kettle. They were not successful.

  • She ate too much at the hotel’s restaurant now they ran out of food to fill her up. #fatLife

  • "Yes for teabagging" lmao as a gamer this has a VERY different context for me...

    • Nobody cares that you're a gamer. That has nothing to do with anything.

  • Yayyyy uncle Rodger is a reveluv!

  • Why pack food when you have store in the hotel or nearby💁‍♀️and that girl literally rent the hotel for one week just for that

  • It's actually quite dangerous

  • 3:25 The joke though 🤣🤣

    • Congee is to Chinese as Robitussin is to black.

  • So funny you spits the fish coffee 😂😂😂

  • The fact that she have money for ring lights and make-up, but is so cheap in eating food..... she is sick, so damn sick. I won’t wonder if she’ll have ecolli if she keeps on doing this

  • And now I had to search for what teabagging is. Haiyaaaaa....

  • i mean coffee beans go into a coffee maker

  • Speaking as someone who has been to Hawaii both as a broke college student and again later with actual money and planning...... the philosophy of travel when you can actually afford it is sound lol. But you can make some legit meals with some ingenuity, a coffee pot, and a metal ice bucket!

  • You can press the iron firmly against your belly, it’ll be uncomfortable at first but trust me you’re gonna save a lot of money, after like 15 minutes you get free bacon.

  • Me be like s... s..sega

  • i love how you add the kpop videos LOL

  • Khaby Lame and Uncle Roger would definitely save the world from these lame hacks

  • 9:05 if she cant cook atleast she can run a dance club you just dont have to pay money but pay fat in oil in a coffee maker

  • You dont make food in coffee maker haiyaa its for coffee And before putting meat in the coffee maker ( plzz dont use coffee maker haiyaa) you have to beat your meat with a beater ( SRRY CHILDREN)

  • Uncle roger what are you doing this girl is dumb haiyyyaaaa

  • Isn't instant oatmeal just...oats?

  • It is a challenge not bad

  • Sad waste of food

  • They are *fucking demons*

  • She going to the hotel or taking tent camp????

  • Auntie hallen before makeup

  • Rice cooker and coffee maker, same same.

  • Such a good vibes as always 😂

  • I will be mad to 😡

  • Ay it's the guy who says kinda sus

  • You should watch the making it big ramen episode for sumo wrestler!

  • Why uncle sweats sm i feel bad for him

  • Uncle roger got caught in the airport with bags of MSG and he still sweats guiltily till now

  • Demmit... Hahahaha when uncle roger said mom i have covid, just eat congee and here i am having covid and eating congee everyday xD

  • Is cogge can be called also porridge?

  • Uncle roger so smart not like lady in weijio! 🤷‍♂️🙄🐶

  • 00:31 Anh thà được một lần ngửi được mùi tóc thơm của em. 🛏

  • Why doesnt the first woman just carry CUP noodle around…

  • so people are making food in a coffee maker now. thank god ppl stopped steaming fish in the dishwasher

  • Uncle Roger, you sound like the world's most annoying Nintendo character *coughTOADcough* at 11:06 haiyaaaaa... :P It's piss-funny tho, so keep it up! :D

  • I agreed with you

  • I didn't see auntie Helen..share the photo of her ...

  • HaIy...aaaa

  • Go get money 💰

  • Affogato is so good!! DO NOT do it in a coffee maker.

  • Eggs in a coffee maker actually does work, but it does taste kinda funny.

  • Ahhhh yes the best home made food ever, every day I think back when my mom made me fucking instant ramen. What a legend that gal is.

  • rice cake saddest food ever :P

  • 3:04

  • No wonder hotels have a sign saying only make coffee in coffee maker.

  • I'd love to see that woman going through Australian customs. (We take quarantine & inspection to new levels.) That stuff would not get through.

  • A credit card (or debit card) is even easier to carry than cash.

  • I call "congee" (apologies for the spelling) bubur.

  • There was a fish in the peculator

  • I'm in tears 😂 😭

  • Uncle Raja run away from this girl

  • Uncle roger you treat people how you want you to be treated Alix voice is great

  • ‘Sorry children’ me WHAT his voice wha wah w

  • I love kanji if I get sick I will make kanji it is so good

  • Just rent an airbnb place. They usually have kitchens. No need to abuse hotel appliances!

  • Wine and dine 😂

  • 11:05 😂 😂 😂

  • 69 k like lol, nice

  • You

  • Anyway that girl is cute

  • 69 k likes. nice!!

  • Ayo that induction stove look like the first evolution of the sharingan

  • Literally gonna try this someday. If im to lazy to make boiled water for my noodle then coffe maker it is. I mean all i need to do is just put water, noodle, seasoning and let it boild by it self and eat and also i only need to clean that coffe cup and fork. Jenius.

  • I feel bad for the coffee maker.

  • 12:34 i am gonna put "stop using collander"

  • 1:34😂🤣😂

  • Uncle roger I’m so sorry but my mom made food in rice cooker she did not even make rice in it

  • They have cup of noodles....they have oatmeal bowls They have mac and cheese bowls They even have crack an egg bowls They have so many of these pre made bowls for real cheap anyways!

  • This should be called “Today Uncle Roger roast Auntie Helen like chicken. Oh and also we watch weejio where people cook in coffee pot Haiyaaa”

  • If you can't pay for your food batter stay home and save your money.

  • Uncle roger, soo pathetic, i cook food on wood fire stove.

  • “Looks like Auntie hellean befor make up” Me: o.o

  • Hotel dirty like how people clap in their room ;)

  • uncle,try to review @Willgoz Kitchen. he loves to waffle everything,but he's also a good chef. greetings from Indonesia,the Sasa Country!

  • 8:30 This is how and why Uncle Roger is different from any reaction video, he not just sitting there and react to the video but also explain a little knowledge to his niece and nephew.

  • I like coffee but why do you need to make food In a coffee maker. coffee maker maker good coffee but bad food