Jamie Oliver ALMOST Made Ramen...

Birt 11 apr 2021
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Thank you to nephew Ryan for helping Uncle Roger out with research. Check out his channel @Way of Ramen

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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe ( frankielowe... )
Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees ( morgantherees )

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  • Niece and nephew, check out nephew Nigel podcast clip about getting punched here ➡️ isprofile.info/pac/kJ9ogJuseqfQb4M/v-deo.html Big thank you to nephew Ryan for helping Uncle Roger out with some research. Check out his channel Way Of Ramen: isprofile.info/round/uM3xKQ_D0RIMMSUh9AYxNA Would you eat Mr Chilli Jam's ramen?

    • No because for all I know, he could have snuck in chili jam off camera. I would rather die than eat anything from him


    • yesssssssss he talked about indians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • It's not even ramen lol

  • I want to make icecream....but with kerosene. I want to make salmon...but with shotgun shells. I want to make sushi.....but with overcooked buffalo eyeballs. I want to make squid ink noodles....but with bleach. I want to make a vweeeegan health smoothie....but with rat poison. Ok....think that is all I got Lolz.

  • "Did the wife take your house?!" dnendnnen lmao its too early to laugh this much xD

  • Poor auntie hersha😂😂

  • If you listen to your food it means you need more friend hahaha

  • The colour must be like ariana grande now, it was not ariana grande 10 years ago .. hahaha

  • With everrrry video his location getting worse and worst and so is your accent 👎👎

  • For Taiwanese,this ramens is so white so white!!!!

  • Soba noodles doesnt look like fcuking ramen noodles

  • plus the reason you usually wait to add aromatics is if you add them at the start like jamie here you dont taste them

  • I got a ramen ad watching this. What s coincidence

  • He fuck up

  • I think at this point he’s just trolling us. You can’t fuck up that bad accidentally

  • IDC, that actually looks nice AF - makes a change from bangers & mash.

  • The Ariana Grande comment absolutely ROCKED me Well played, Uncle

  • Only thing I liked about Jamie Oliver's cooking show was his kitchen garden.

  • Burning my Jamie Oliver cookbook. Thanks for exposing this fraud Uncle Roger!

  • I appreciate that I may not be the best at Asian cuisine but watching this "famous" chef fucking it up this bad makes me feel better about how I make it. Cause at least I get the right ingredients and season it.

  • We could never get sick of "Sorry Children," it shows the best lines!

  • #keepjamiealive hahahahHAHA :>)

  • Me: oh, that looks kinda good. Uncle roger: no no no no you’re doing all wrong Me: ah yes all wrong

  • that ariana grande joke tho

  • (7:25) Since when does pork belly have bones?

  • off topic but uncle roger has a fresh cut

  • one more thing that Jamie did wrong, I don't know that you notice this or not, but look at how he placed his chopstick when he was using a spoon. That is an absolute insult to all Japanese!

  • jamie is anti asian food lmao

  • Jamie Oliver never comments on uncle roger reviewing him

  • i thought i heard "food torture-ial" but its actually uncle roger said "food tutorial"

  • Q

  • imagine naruto watching this video with pure disappointment

  • I can guranteeeeee now you are a onceeee long live TWICE supremacyyy

  • 6-7 minutes works out if you pop the eggs in an ice bath. He didn't do that here so they're still cooking while set aside.

  • If i were to destroy a freaking cooking utensils to cook a single thing,my whole family would freaking kill me

  • "Haiyaa your body can't handle the salt? So weak.So weak." Yes Uncle Roger! *The weak should fear the strong!*

  • Wait a freaking hell,i didn't realize Gordon Ramsay also watched your video!

  • I think 4 hours isn't even close since usual Ramen Broth simmers for 12 hours in average.

  • “Would he ever get anything right?!” 😂😂

  • Vegetable taste like sad chain⛓

  • i thought is was "jamie olive oil" HMP my mistake

  • Omg he boiled pork belly like that? Sick. 🤢

  • 10:44 10:57

  • Any one else nosing the comments to see if Mr Oliver replied ?👀 🤣

  • 5 min Ramen

  • tbh making sambal oelek with chilli jam is a very jamie oliver-y thing to do

  • Uncle Roger say it Korean not Japanese but ramen is Japanese

  • Absolutely love this series, when you watch it through Uncle Roger’s eye you realize how full they are of themselves and how bad they are at cooking 🧑‍🍳

  • #keepjamiealive

  • Even as a white person. This hurt me. that pork belly was whiter than a vampire

  • When I want to insult another cook's cooking at work i ask them if they learned to cook from Jamie Oliver cookbook

  • Todoroki please look away from what Jamie’s doing-

  • He used soba noodles for ramen...... He might as well have just used the noodles from the instant ramen packs 🤦‍♀️

  • Hey uncle wht if I sell you Ramen clear broth in the box? Well if You want to eat ramen or pho at home you just buy it like 1 dolar a box

  • Jamie Oliver would make a good fusion cook... I don't understand his methods though. He's attempting to be authentic without ever doing any research... Kimchi in a Japanese dish... and putting soba noodle in a dish but calling it ramen?? It makes me feel like he has no respect for the food, and food is a huge part of the culture. No respect for culture...no respect for Jamie...

  • This problem is celebrities these days they are placed on such a pedestal that many people equate celebrity with expertise. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth as is evident in your review videos. Jamie is an internationally recognised celebrity chef, owns many restaurants, and is wealthy - so he must know what he is doing right! Hahahaha

  • this not looking like ramen

  • That Jamie Oliver at thumbnail is perfect

  • He's right for once why did he use a spoon instead of the chopsticks for the broth? even if it's liquid why use a spoon ? Very upset with Jamie

  • Mr chile jam sucks

  • Chilli Jamie Oliver Oil have a restaurant *unacceptable*

  • Dude I'm half Japanese and my mother would murder my ass if I made ramen like this

  • Hey Have you ever eat dry pho? It call Phở trộn, Hủ tiếu khô. The soup seperate from noudle and the noudle have its own flavour WellI love to introduce the Phở Khô to the world bc it really yummu We still cook the soup but we put the soup in seperate bowl with onion and some meat ball Phở we make seperate sauce to mix Fish sauce, tamarind or passion juice ( dont use lemon bc no flavour), sugar, water, oil, chili sauce, oyster sauce, tomato sauce, mayonnise sause, cook it and mix it well. It has to be sour salty sweet and shiny sauce. Put peanut on top of dry pho. You have a bowl of the soup seperate

  • #keepjamiealive

  • search on youtube, pick any random Japanese or Chinese ramen instruction, and you won't make that many mistakes he did. That's not mistaks, that's mis-respects!

  • Kimchi is such a strong flavor..with putting it in the weak as water miso soup this will taste like watered down kimchi stew 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Hmm... guys, can I use the marinate in the video to "marinate" the pork belly and also use it as tare?

  • cant stop laughting, uncle roger so funny

  • I'm so happy see uncle roger roasting jamie oliver

  • haiyaaa. not gooona pin your heart because i love you.

  • he is not making ramen. he is making nothing.

  • #don't let jamie oilver make asia food...

  • ไม่ใช้แล้ว...เค้าไม่รู้คือไม่ผิดครับ...อย่าไปว่าเค้า

  • i see auntie Helen yesterday uncle she was cooking inside and her children were trying to burn the kitchen down

  • Disaster 😭

  • If u listen to food its not like u need more friends but its like u dont have friends

  • Uncle roger is the replacement of Steve rogers

  • isprofile.info/pac/oqxmhWSaZqjXm6U/v-deo.html uncle roger, please review this egg fried rice!! so good

  • 2:08 never pause during a Jamie Oliver video

  • dense ball of sac = testicle was hilarious

  • isnt soba served cold? like, isnt it a complete 180 of ramen? absolutely not in the same realm at all? does jamie oliver know where he is, what his name is?

  • Just started watching today and now my whole recommended page is this channel

  • 8:12 😂😂

  • jamie oliver = *gaijin*

  • 9:05 from there it just got 20 times funnier 😂

  • Jamie can't differentiate noodles but can do it with pasta.

  • I laughed when he said hes using soba noodles. Like ITS CALLED RAMEN FOR A REASON???

  • wait he probably used some noodle because he is sober

  • This guy is like asian Gordon Ramsay

  • No ofence Uncle Rodger, but you couldint trash talk Gordon, going all out on nice white guy.XD

  • I feel Jamie Oliver is perhaps misunderstood. We don't recognize his vision for fusion food. 😂

  • that not making miso ramen, that just making miso disappointed, haiyaaaaah

  • 🤓🤣🤣🤣🤣Hi there I just subscribers your channel. I like the way your comments ( taken a p***s) the way this guy rueing most of Asian foods Ingredients and the way he cooking. I am Thai living in London more than 30 years. This guy should not call himself as a chef. If he want to cook our foods. He should study more about our foods before. 😡🤢🤮

  • Jamie Oliver, please ginaly lesrn from the true professionals🤣😅🤣😅🤣

  • bro i am indian and i am white cuz sher is from gujrat and i am from himachal and my home is just 500 miter away from the himalayas

  • I'm wasion, and even I'm offended with tho noodles

  • It is a SIN...a sin..I tell you not to know "ramen" is NOT "soba" and will never be!

  • Now I'm starting to feel bad for Jamie 🤣🤣🤣 I wish he could satisfy uncle Roger soon.

  • 3:24 Uncle Roger "need to find new mortal enemy" Me: BBC food

  • Daaamn. He really used Soba.

  • Hiiii yaaahhhh 😆

  • Check sht again