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  • Niece and nephew! Remember to smack like button! And go follow nephew Nigel instagram ➡️ instagram.com/mrnigelng/

    • u should really try to learn indonesia

    • Ok imma smack that like buttons ass so hard it gonna fall fuiyo

    • Is Nigel Your Niece Or Nephew?

    • Hey Nigel, I'm so glad I ran into this channel

    • Thank you uncle roger

  • I tried to avoid this video but after watching it I feel I should have not opened it

  • Where is this at? All the niece look so cute

  • I luv uncle Roger:)❤️❤️❤️🤣🇺🇸🇵🇭

  • I'm from Indonesia and almost every week I eat tempe tempe is boring is good with kecap and peanut ad if it was crunchy

  • Do you just carry msg in your pocket?

  • the thing is why is ur fav word haiya???

  • what you want what you want? always gets me XD


  • "a free coffee on the house" Yes it's nice when you get free stuff for free

  • "that bitch died to me" Me:...... 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  • imagine Uncle Roger getting stopped by the cops , (for example going to a gig) and getting caught with little glacine baggies with white powder...lol

  • buy one coffee stay for one hour hahaha.. same here in singapore but im a kopitiam guy so the stall owner tattoo's are not about coffee , prob some dragon , koi fish etc 😂

  • I love "Uncle Roger work at" video

  • just here for tat bit of MY/SG english "just ask lah" HAHAHAH

  • Have u tried tempe?

  • they roast coffee like you roast jamie oliver

  • I'm pretty sure the msg in that coffee is coke. Lol

  • Are these his fans? I feel like most people would actually be angry with him for this haha.

  • Where can I buy this MSG coffee???? I need some rn.

  • IDK why ........uncle roger M. S. G looks like drug hahahhaha

  • He carry msg like drugs man 😂😂

  • " Eat cow 🐮 but cant drink 🍻 cow 🐮 " 😂😂😂

  • This one was great 🤣🤣😂😂

  • 2:51 haiyaa where your fire uncle roger ?? Where your fire ??? You roasting people about using induction stove but you use the same thing, haiyaaa *putting leg down*

  • Uncle Roger, you teach your niece n nephew how to laught

  • MSG dealer

  • I can't stop laughing watch this

  • 2:53 induction stove!!!!!!!!!

  • Virgin

  • Great vid so so funny

  • Lol it's msg endorsement

  • Now it's time to apply at Roscoe's chicken and waffles

  • I think the last girl is Thai people

  • asking for vegan coffee with butter is mainly dumb because butter is made of milk and the only thing that is replaced in vegan coffee is milk

  • Sasa endorsed Uncle Roger??? How can I not be excited?!

  • I watched the entire ad just because it's an Indonesian ad xD

  • 3:50

  • Nigel should pull up his mask!

  • Wait… auntie Helen isn’t real?

  • Uncle I can't believe you just did that

  • Uncel roger next time you don't haiya you say fuiyoh

  • Anyone knows the last girl’s @?? She’s pretty!!

  • When he said "Vegan Salad" it's like he said "Weakgen Ballad" LOL

  • a coffee shop without weed? what kind of twisted place is this

  • Halo halo HAHAHA the best dessert in ph

  • that lady is too frickin hot!

  • You are a genius Nigel Ng. And incredibly entertaining! God bless bro!

  • I love this guy…..

  • Uncle Roger making coffee gave me anxiety... time for another espresso!

  • Oh shit this coffee got covid

  • I'm allergic to soy so... SCREW You Vegans! Im also intolerant to milk but I still drink it, why? Its worth it, I tank through my intestinal distress.

    • Soy milk is old news bro. It’s all about oat milk. Get w the times

  • Msg in coffee absolutely love it

  • Just 1 minute after hiring Uncle Roger, his boss already said Oh no.

  • Vegetable/Joy-less Karen sorta just dumb


  • U

  • Bruh Auntie Helen is fictional!? I thought the entire time she was real haha

  • I thought this was Uncle Roger's best job yet, he did so well

  • Msg coffee??? Make it a thing

  • Hi uncle roger can you come to visit us in 🇸🇬

  • I love bloopers

  • What the hell is MSG

  • Wait...is msg good or bad I don't get it

  • "If the coffee burn we just sell to Starbucks" brilliant. zero waste achieved.

  • I think the lady whose bottoms half looks like jogging and the upper part look like a model has a crash with uncle Roger LOL

  • I love how he carries around a little bag of msg like is coke.

  • "What you want? What you want?" with that tone...It's killing me 😂😂

  • i think you can say to that boss you can say Chinese no problem

  • wow now uncle roger has emoji of him self

  • Honestly would just go to a coffee shop just for uncle roger I don’t even drink coffee

  • Uncle roger should’ve put msg into the vegan’s sad salad

  • Not him getting sponsored by sasa when that means uncle in my language 😂

  • Sasa emg enak si gw suka yg bumbu pisang goreng

  • Why are you adding msg in coffee. Uncle roger tell us …why

  • Msg is life

  • Boss Kenneth roasts Uncle Roger like Uncle Roger roasts coffee in wok - a bit uneven but some good burns 😂

  • The salad woman seems like a karen

  • Uncle Roger did u hear what she said after u gave her the coffee... ...Read more

  • I thought they were using the same girl for the skits just changing her clothes... Hiyaa😞👀🐧

  • If that was that special smelling sauce in the bag it wouldve easily been 1k or 2k depending on the cut... Im just saying.

  • yo SASA my secret ingridients

  • I like to think Uncle Roger carries a packet of msg where ever he goes.

  • As someone who uses a French press: INSTANT COFFEE? You make Uncle Will SAD

  • Lol me seeing the vegan lady in the backround looking at him

  • No one: Uncle Roger : *Sasa TaPungPungPungPaVitamin*

  • Love the vegan returning, threatening with a bad review and getting a free coffee out of it. Was her name Karen by any chance?

  • Wtf msg in coffee? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sasa?? 🤣🤣 i prefer royco

  • 😂😂😂when uncle roger as.barista

  • 1:59 drugs

  • No!! tempe is very nice

  • There is no need to roast coffee with coffee roaster. Uncle Rogers roasting is enough

  • 11:46 okay with butter Okay with the girl

  • pulling the wifi wires got me

  • sponsornya micin nnjjiiirr

  • There’s one time my uncle put msg in his coffee but he didn’t even know

  • There was a person who was orange juice gang cringe

  • Real coffee is black and strong.

  • Who drink coffee for enjoyment? Jack: TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADIES!