Uncle Roger Review RICE COOKER 3-COURSE MEAL (Tasty)

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Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees

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  • Back in my college days, rice cooker was a very handy tool. You can cook almost everything with it, except baking because mine was an old type.


  • Oven not for making food eh~ Asian use it as a armory, open it and take out weapon to beat child up! Always works!

  • Man mad respect to the thought n care put into the character.

  • Uncle Roger no longer allowed to travel to Idaho.

  • Ty for subscribing. Ask for a sponsor link for rice cooker.

  • Well today I learnt something

  • #potatoisbetterinindia

  • Me watching this while eating egg fried rice:😲its so Useful! I'm sooo glad I have a rice cooker

  • But.... uncle your niece here really really likes potato.... potatoes are saviour for who hate vegetables I add potatoes in everything I cook....

  • Cuckoo is just my favorite rice cooker it evens sings

  • #PotatoSoLame

  • Uncule Roger is Jing Jing one of ur neice?

  • #PotatoSoLame🤗🤣

  • I ❤ my rice cooker! I had to beg for it but sooooo worth it!

  • Potato is better than rice. You want mashed potato, but nobody wants mashed rice. Potato and rice are foods by themselves, but potato is better. Potato can be chip, potato can be hat, potato can be space shuttle. What does rice do? Pop and make pigeons explode. #TeamPotato

  • I think most South Asian people use 'basic rice cookers' bc we don't cook sticky rice, sushi rice etc. We only need it for regular rice, congee, brown rice and milk rice and all of that can be made with a basic rice cooker.

  • #potatosolame

  • Haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • After this 8:10 Indians kidnapped him 🥔

  • Uncle roger: she a cheating ***

  • We use rice cooker for rice cake (puto) in Philippines

  • Does an instant pot count as a rice cooker? It cooks rice.

  • Better than coffee maker

  • Your humor makes it priceless

  • Hello uncle Roger! I’m a big fan! I very much like the Nojirushi Rice cooker that you have. However, I am on a very tight budget and cannot afford it. So instead I bought the Nojirushi more basic model which is white with a glass cover (I think it’s the same one that Alexis uses in her video that you reacted to). Anyway, my question is is the rice cooker I purchased still a good rice cooker or did I not purchase the right one?

    • You can buy any rice cooker because any rice cooker will cook all the rice. My family's rice cooker has been using for more than 5 years, it is cheap, and it is very durable until now.

  • Truly lives up to the title: Buzzfeed Video Producer.

  • It is not the side it how you use it... 👍👍 Sorry children... But This clip seem want to emphasis asian rice cooker so ...bad

  • I love simple rice cooker the cheap one. Well I can make essential oil in it and dont worry it broken lah. I love making rosemarry essential oil in it lah.

  • #PotatoSoLame

  • This woman cant really be this thick in the head...🤣🙄🤣

  • Whats ur next guess gonna be washing machine XD

  • 1:34 lmao

  • I want a rice cooker for Christmas. When my son asks what I want I will tell him a rice cooker. Fuiyoh!

  • 8:09 Did you just attack Slavic people?

  • “It can’t be me” “It definitely u” “I know about machines” Me: _apparently a rice cooker is a machine beyond your comprehension_ Uncle Roger, in my head: Too Much Salt!

  • “it a convenient place to store thing you want to hit your kid with”

  • make video on indian chefs

  • Anyone know what uncle rogers rice cooker is.

  • HOW DARE YOU ATTACK MY POTATO. Uncle Roger is no longer my friend.

  • "asian ppl only use oven to store pots and pan"... i feel so validated

  • I love my rice cooker but fam ain't enlightened and get pissy when I drag it out from the garage that they make me keep it in.

  • She is trying to hard to be funny its creepy as fuck

  • LOL dear uncle Roger what rice cooker would you recommend for us poor people

  • "she a cheating wh-" 😭🤚

  • Before this channel I though ever one used rice cookers and at school everone thought I was weird cause I don’t eat insta rice 💀💀💀

  • i literally asked my mom right after seeing him say'' microwave good place to store stuff you hit your kid with'' : ''MOM ARE YOU ASIAN?''

  • I need to see Uncle Roger vs Boris.

  • I just got a rice cooker for my 18th birthday yesterday and it is one of the things I’m most excited to use.

  • Me nearly half asleep. Uncle Roger starts to spiting science facts about degrees and rice cookers

  • "Are you poor? So poverty!" had me dying 💀

  • I want to see more of niece Alexis

  • Am I the only person who thinks that the pink shirt guy is soo adorable 🤔

  • I'm irish and you just insulted like me entire culture

  • “A four layer cake is psychopathic” Russian Medovik Cake makers: Сука B****

  • I get how people think Uncle Roger is funny, but honestly he’s not that great. Has no experience in the cooking industry, and all he really does is critique cooking so he can get views. Like seriously Uncle Roger, get a life.

  • At out University dormitory we are only allowed to use rice cooker for cooking and we cook almost everything (rice, meat, fish, vegetables, pudding etc..) in it.😎😎😎

  • #potatosolame

  • 13:04. Not funny bro😐

  • #potatosolame

  • Here in italy mussels are considered very cheap

  • "This rice cooker has more feature than Auntie Helen with affairs; she's just a cheating ho-" *WE ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES*

  • FUIYOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))

  • "Why your rice cooker so ghetto? " I'm dying ​​​​​​​

  • Some don’t understand his dirty jokes but he said SORRY CHILDREN😂 K I understood Lol hahahahaha

  • Daily Bible reminder: Have no fear, God is near!

  • Uncle Roger would be so proud to know that I have the same brand rice cooker as him and I’ve been using it for over ten years

  • Get one of those rubber pencil eraser caps. Stick it in the switch lever so it stays down on cook. Worked like a champ for us. Just have to set a timer to watch the rice

  • # HAHAHA

  • #PotatoSoLame

  • white people dislike this video because they do not know how to cook rice!!!

  • Parents usually jam an empty instant coffee wrapper there when they want it to stay at cook

  • Mine has more then your rice cooker

  • # potatosolame

  • 11:59 as a gaming laptop user : *yes*

  • #Potatosolame Disgusting

  • Now imagine helping her with air conditioning issues. ITS ALL FUN AND GAMES TIL YOURE THERE IN PERSON

  • the "sorry children" gets me EVERY TIME GADDAYUM

  • #Potatosolame

  • Like the educating part of the video Uncle Rodzer did.Maybe add in the next video some more info on, what can a rise coocker be used for more, how much eletricity its wastes.Fuiyoo How do you cook cake if needs water?Seperated form the flower

  • *me an asian using an oven* me : maybe im not asian

  • Love your content!

  • Irish people disliked this video

  • 10:41 Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me, no more....

  • I want to buy a Zojirushi rice cooker. Which model would you recommend?

  • I'm a Huge fan uncle Roger!!!! But the Gaza strip joke could have been avoided...... I'm glad it was used in bloopers instead, but its a very serious and sore topic best to not get too political :/!

  • #potatoislame

  • To turn the rice cooker on continually, just use a “spoon”

  • 8:08 Slavs: *nervous sweating*

  • i think the jokes r not classy

  • Uncle Roger please make video cooking with Thermomix since the cooker now viral in Malaysia and other countries. :D

  • As an irishman... you wanna fight over them spuds?

  • "Overheated Laptop" I-

  • 😂😂😂

  • No no. Mussels, red wine, garlic, rosemary. That is all you need.

  • When you Fuiyoh instead of Haiyaa

  • if a 4 layer cake is psycopathic then do not look at baklava lmao

  • maybe like this "in life, you only need three types of cup rice, noodle nad D Cup"

  • #PotatoSoLame -niece jade

  • #Potatosolame