Uncle Roger AMAZED by PERFECT EGG FRIED RICE (Chef Wang Gang)

Birt 2 maí 2021
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Chef Wang Gang ( @美食作家王刚 ) make his egg fry rice. How does he do?
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Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees ( morgantherees )

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  • 欢迎穿着四伯爷的同款背心来中国吃我做的蛋炒饭! If you come to China in Uncle Si same styled sleeveless shirt, I'd love to treat you with my homemade egg fried rice!

  • Uncle R yoy should do a collab woth Wang gang

  • the outside kitchen stuff is also true for African homes! most just build some sort of shed outside where the magic happens

  • 10:03 "Ah! Dat his aunty Helen!" I'm dead!!

  • indoor kitchen is only used for cooking when its raining unless there is a roof covering the outdoor kitchen

  • And creepy uncle standing next to you! Hahahaha!

  • hahaha you cheered up Chinese chef like a Darling Roger ^^ But this guy is so damned good at cooking especially traditional 5 star Chinese recipes. Had seen him on other clips bf ... genious chef

  • Oppa Roger needs to show us your cooking skills soon!

  • @Marques Brownlee

  • He actually very racist he thinks only asians are good and others are like from hell. Even though i am an Asian i don't like his racist behaviour and yes he curses a lot . 😡😡😡

  • I like outdoor cooking too!

  • Yayy... Finally someone made egg fried rice right..I thought I would never see that in this channel

  • i hope uncle roger can make more vids like vlogs instead of review or reaction

  • #wangang

  • Omg

  • Again I’ve said it before but love the outtakes. Without those, it wouldn’t be complete. Great job.

  • I can’t believe how comfortable Chinese cooks are with using MSG in everything. It’s terrible for your health

    • Why even pretend you don’t know this? Be honest

    • What? Lol....

  • or japan idk

  • wait is he on china

  • you the best chef oin korean jk not really but you the 2nd

  • So great video! It's corretly menthod to make fried rise.

  • I saw my first born child being born 2 days ago and I can confirm this is just as good

  • how tf did i get here ß

  • My favourite chef is Taste show. China food

  • all of uncle words is so true, what a wisdom guy he is

  • To this day, this is still the best fried rice uncle Roger has reviewed! Can you review binging with babish's fried rice?

  • I would love to have an outdoor kitchen, but I live in Minnesota. I don't think people would appreciate having a side of mosquito with whatever I make.

  • fds

  • Go inside a review. Change positions every camera angle. Love your channel 👍

  • Oncle Roger and me Fuiyooh at the same time….sounds wrong😂

  • So Uncle Roger is a BLINK too!?

  • Hey Uncle Roger! You can use your green screen to scare the absolute shit out of everyone with shots of Guy Fieri.

  • Man I'm hungry...

  • Uncle roger HEAVEN FOUYOH!

  • 舔共

  • Use the green screen to go to horny prison

  • 342k and I still don’t see the shirt on 😂

  • Waayeiiiihhh 😂

  • *gasp* “is that what I think it is?” 😂 “yay-eah!!”

  • 羅傑叔叔

  • You can't feed the whole family using indoor kitchen. Weak small fires can't contain our giant woks 😆

  • “wok hay” means “the energy or breath of a wok”.Wok hay is a Cantonese phrase used to describe the aroma that is created in a dish when authentic stir-frying is performed.

    • I thought that is what a horse says when you forgot to feed it.

    • ok

  • moral of the sponsor: RoAsTiNg JaMiE oLiVeR

  • Goddammit I’m confirming it right now. Uncle Roger is the lost asian cousin of Papa Frank!! We are blessed by the dark lord!

  • Watching this video just proved without any doubt why Asian cooking and food is the very best and my favourite food of all

  • 11:36 hmm uncle Roger laughs, impressive

  • If someone fries a giant lump of eggs until they look like hashbrowns, that’s when you know you’re in for a treat. That’s the Asian equivalent of having a fat bearded black friend named Leroy invite you to taste his grampap’s brisket recipe.

  • Meanwhile I’m paying alot of attention to see if the subtitles are wrong (I’m Chinese🇨🇳)

  • What happened to the garlic!!!!

  • Uncle Roger, please review this fried rice wejio isprofile.info/pac/hJhsdnhqr2fVma0/v-deo.html

  • Well now only I ate egg fried rice...and it won't even take so much ingredients...just refined oil, onions,egg, Tomato, salt, green chilies and left over rice...mix it...and egg fried rice ready....😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • The legend arises

  • this is real professional cooking

  • ลุง ครับ ภาษาที่ลุงพูด เป็น ภาษา ไทย ผสม ภาษาจีน แล้วก็อังกฤษ ใช่มั้ยคีบ

  • indoor kitchen just to make sure ur house is ful, outdoor kitchen.. u chop ur finger u can scream and everybody come pay your hospital bill yes yes

  • Ok, i am vegan so i don't have any idea of taste, but: that's a great vidjoooo :D

  • Now find someone who does it better than this chef that’s a challenge

  • Uncle Roger, Malaysian is my favourite type of cuisine but my favourite dish is Char Kway Teow! Much better than fried rice. Could you review some Char Kway Teow cooking videos, so I can learn some better tips?

  • "All you need is basic cooking, and a CREEPY uncle standing next to you". LMAO 😂😂😂

  • Don’t call him a god he’s not god and not all

  • Sometimes, some people fall in love not because of a beautiful or handsome face but because that person has a great sense of humour...i mean yeah, who wouldn't fall in love with a person who brightens up your day because he or she is just a blast every day.... Some people who others consider as beautiful or handsome but very serious and just boring is not my type. I see a person and my first impression is "okay, not bad face" but as time goes on I finally fell in loved... Why? That person is a like Uncle Roger... Nothing more to say...... They say, intelligence is when you make dark humours and not very offending😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 10:12 That's true

  • As a Filipino, I can attest that we Asians have 2 kitchens. Indoor kitchen is just for show, but outdoor kitchen is where the magic happens.

    • Same I'm indian but in villages we mostly cook outside on natural stove .

    • For me theres only one kitchen but its so near the outdoors

    • Yep and food taste better when are "titos" or uncle are drunk and cooking outside hahahaha

  • 8:00 那是盐salt

  • 1:17 is when the sponsored segment ends

  • Look forward to see my favorite two YT together!

  • 非常鸦鸦

  • This is my first Uncle Roger's video

  • Did we miss Uncle Roger wearing Orange Tank Top...?

  • 太讚喔!優質影片😍😍😍

  • Uncle Roger, its 358k likes as of this comment.... to embody the full asian uncle you need to wear orange wife beater with Beijing bikini!

  • I really wanna try that it looks really delicious

  • I’m proud to be from the country with the person who makes the best egg fried rice

  • that is not MSG just salt

  • Thx for put subtitle because my Chinese not excellent, and u watch kung fu hustle with Cantonese or Mandarin?

  • When are you wearing the orange sleevless shirt uncle Roger?

    • @Kezardin I see

    • A week after he posted this when he reviewed viral TikTok food videos.

  • its so confusing. Does he speak perfect English or not?

  • Haiyaaaa or Fuiyooooh?

  • Sorry children --uncle roger 2021

  • No garlic where is garlic man

  • I just go on outside buy egg fried rice and shit then I took my egg fried shit thats how too do egg fried řSiHcIeT

  • I wonder if Chef Wang Gang cremates garlic.

  • Visit Jamie Oliver with green screen

  • Uncle Roger speaking facts when Chef Treat his Uncle with respect

  • Unger Roger pls review more Chef Wang Gang videos~

  • Did he ever wear the orange sliveless shirt?

    • Yea this is the video isprofile.info/pac/kpyrnYZjd3m2fKk/v-deo.html

  • Unbelievable how you can get away with it buddy.

  • i hope uncle roger please try filipino egg fried rice

  • i hope uncle roger try filipino egg fried rice

  • wok hey 🔥

  • "... he a wok fuck boy just like Uncle Gordon..." friggin hilarious - And I say - (gweilo talk; I lived in Hong Kong 10 years) - but "cousin Jamie - he 'lup sup'..."

  • I, who doesn't like Egg fried rice. I watched a lot of Uncle Roger's Egg fried rice video. Now I want to eat Egg fried rice.

    • It’s delicious, try it

  • found you by the shorts stayed for the long videos love it😆😆😆thank you for the lsughts st 220am

  • 😁💀 his uncle look like the villain from Kung fu hustle

  • even though my family now don't have outdoor kitchen, but in my grandma house they still have it and whenever there's a family gathering everyone cooks outdoor

  • Lmao when ever he sees msg it's like cocain to him

  • This is the video that made me not like Uncle Roger as much as I used to. Chef Wang is beyond this goober's reach.

  • Been watching a lot of castella vids recently so when the yolk cracked at the start my jaw went 😮

  • He must be single, he feel so confident in his right hand 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kungfu Hustle 🤣🤣🤣