Uncle Roger Review CRAZY OFFICE COOKING (Ms Yeah)

Birt 18 júl 2021
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Is it possible to make chicken in office? Uncle Roger will find out. Remember niece and nephew, don't try any of this at home! Original weejio from Ms Yeah channel: isprofile.info/pac/jZCri4Z2hWq0n2Y/v-deo.html

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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe
Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees

Uncle Roger is the creation of UK-based comedian Nigel Ng.

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  • FUIYOH already 200k likes! Ok, uncle Roger finding somewhere to cook this chicken now

    • Kesian harap office tak terbaka :)

    • Uncle roger it 200k like now when are u gonna make it

    • Cook chicken?! Wow

    • Uncle where are u

    • Still raising the chicken? Or building an office haiya uncle roger work like old man lah haiya so disappointed

  • Even tho... her ways are questionable but the DIY thing are interesting.

  • the chicken bone and chicken hacky sack are just plain cruelty lmfao that's some body horror right there

  • So this video reach 200K likes... Did uncle roger make chicken in office?? Aaayyooo

  • I'd like to know what this office's purpose is holy shiz

  • this is most metal thing i have ever seen. chicken was just trying to live life peacefully now it A: lunch, B: a toy for kicking, and C: origami voodoo chicken bone bicycle...Hiyahhh!

  • you already got 290k like where your chicken

  • If the pig disturb me in the next minute it will be a ham

  • Hahahah. It’s actually a dish called Beggar’s chicken (Jiaohua Ji), ancient poor/homeless folks made this dish from having no kitchen. Funny how she used nail polish and plant pots, and the guy was painting his nails in pink. Lol

  • Waiting for Uncle Roger's version on this...

  • I feel bad for the chicken cause the chicken looks nice and chill And now ded

  • Lol Attack On Titan 🤣

  • Uncle u didn’t made chicken in office but u also got more than 200 k likes. Don’t make false promises haiya.

  • Sorry uncle Roger, she in her own office so she can do everything 🤣

  • MI7 heading out to eliminate the target under orders of commander roger

  • Bro no no NoNOOOOO the the chicken and the the pig.... no noo that’s not how you..... YOU DONT KILL CHICKEN WHEN ITS HAVING FUN

  • “sorry children” y does it sound ridiculously funny

  • 300k

  • You can still get two, just use one as toilet mat

  • The chicken looks like it’s in pain…oh wait, it is.

  • its 300k likes now, burn the office

  • I like nephew Roger. Sounds like a chill guy.

  • Haha 200k likes go on do it

  • More than 200k likes.. we look forward to your chicken cooking house burning video Uncle Roger!

  • I call b.s., no way one can slaughter a chicken in white pants and not come out looking like a serial killer. Source: personal experience 😆 that arterial spray is intense.

  • I like how I get a Tyson chicken ad during the video 😂

  • Imagine be cooked and someone use your bones to build a castle

  • Uncle Roger, I think the flower is a funeral gift not valentine day gift

  • Me doing everything else BUT send that email I was supposed to at work

  • We got it to 200,000 likes

  • Wow that bicycle thing in the end has to be one of the creepiest things ever seen....

  • Ohh That Lucky Bear. 10:38 Haiya thats how she keep counts on the chicken she kills

  • Cant wait for you to cook in office😋

  • 293k likes! When will Uncle Roger deliver?

  • Hey Uncle Roger, Nephew Syn' here. I one time had to use my bank card to cut bagels and spread cream cheese

  • Looks like she came to work on her day off.

  • I think you just witnessed what takes place inside of an insane asylum!

  • Do it

  • Most I've laughed for months and months, great video!😂🤣

  • F to respect a chicken Run piggy run

  • Is that hoodie 100 % organic cotton?😝 I'll get one to my son, because my son loves you! (also I)

  • Its 200k now

  • Bruh over 200k

  • I'm Asian but cannot deny some are freaking weird.

  • You have 200k likes now, when is the video coming out?

  • Peta will love this lady

  • I think she's a COO (child of owner)

  • Anime office🤣

  • I think the pig is actually her pet

  • shinzo wo sasageyo!

  • imagine going to work and seeing a woman carrying a chicken by its wings and a few seconds later the chicken is dead with no feathers

  • Well I think this is a fake office setting

  • 291k likes and still waiting 😑😑

  • i can't stop laughing hahahahaha

  • 👁 👁 👄

  • where is the video

  • Five minute crafts seeing this video : Write that downn!!!!!!! write that downnnn!!!

  • Haiyaa uncle Roger don't copy old people stile. Haiyaa you are the famous ISprofile. Haiyaa please don't copy 1912 old people life please your my favorite ISprofile please.

  • The whole office seemed do not care .... What kind office is this ??

  • 1;18 literally thought uncle Roger gonna make some hamsap remark 😂

  • Uncle Is Always Stress,Haiya.

  • 😂😂😂

  • This is mud cooked chicken, but this is not the way to cook it. You need to start a fire in the hole first, get it hot like an oven, put the chicken into the hole and cover it up. And it took at least half a day to cooked the chicken entirely. If follows the way she did it, the chicken is going to be uncooked even if she put it in the entire day.

  • I'm freaking out cuz she just moves the whole chicken around and then....touches .....EVERYTHING IN THE OFFICE? I don't care if this is fake, she just put raw chicken everywhere and I'm freaking out

  • 200k easy 290k now let's goo

  • Lol 6:19

  • Please burn the office now. Hahahaha...please uncle Roger I want to have a msg jacket. Please. Can you give me free. Im one of your supporter.

  • I definitely want to see the ghetto Dutch oven chicken.


  • She's probably the boss so she can do whatever she wants in her office

  • Lmao this was hilarious 😂

  • Uncle Nigel is such a white bread in this video. How can u be Chinese if u nv tried this dish before?

  • i paused the video and press like button when RV's psycho video showed up

  • So nobody is drawing the conclusion that of the chicken is killed in the office some other crazy lady will kill the piglet to make lunch as well ? 😅

  • Look 2:37

  • Uncle roger say dknmt like the girl bsacause killing chiken but uncle roger forgive her😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • Psycho~ Psycho~

  • hello uncle Roger... it's already 200k likes la ....please tunaikan janji ..kata nak buat video sama mcm ni......😅😅😅 hahahaha

  • Its over 200k likes already. Where the weejio? Where? Where?

  • When she start playing sepak takraw in the office room I lost it lmfao...

  • Uncle roger where is the replication video? 290 like now Haiya! So long

  • Didn’t know uncle Roger is a. Kpop fan. Love his references. New fan here :)

  • Where the chiken haiya

  • Uncle Roger it already 200k like...and it already 1 month..where is the video?

  • she does everything in office rather than cooking

  • Fuiyooo uncle roger is on 200k now do it uncle roger show you're niece and nephew

  • So, when are you going to replicate this video

  • Uncle Roger : this is my type of woman Later that video : SOMEBODY STOP HER

  • Indian SBI bank lunch break 😂😂

  • In modern Chinese, daisies can also refer to anus. That a fun little meme play there.

  • That is the tea room or in fact hot water room

  • Done uncle roger. 200k likes now DO THIS😂

  • "Oil not soil" flashback from a gumball episode* "There is oil under the soil"

  • No one's going to talk about the computer their of hers ATTACK ON TITAN!!!😮

  • drooling

  • Haiyaaa. Ady one month uncle Roger, when are u doing replica of this video?

  • Let's see the office Dutch oven chicken lol

  • When will you make this chicken uncle roger

  • Definitely need a add an English tea cup to the merch site as a White People Rice/Water Measuring Cup.

  • Haiyaaa Uncle Rog!!! It's cabbage! Not lettuce!